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MJ's Doc Arnold Klein

I'm Prince Jackson's Dad

... Maybe

1/17/2013 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0117-arnie-klein-facebookDr. Arnie Klein -- Michael Jackson's famed dermatologist -- has just taken credit for fathering MJ's son Prince Jackson ... sort of.

Klein posted the cryptic picture on his Facebook profile yesterday, showing Prince side-by-side with an old photo of Klein when he was younger -- presumably to show the resemblance.

Under the photo, Klein wrote the caption, "hmmmmm" -- a wink at people who've been saying for years that Klein provided the sperm that fathered Prince and Paris.

You'll recall, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe gave birth to Prince in 1997, and daughter Paris the year after. MJ's third child Blanket was born to an anonymous surrogate in 2002.

Debbie was Arnie's medical assistant back when Michael was a patient -- but she's never spoken publicly about the identity of the father.

Arnie has previously denied being the dad, telling Diane Sawyer, "To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children."

So we gotta ask ...



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I DON'T know who the father is of these children. Who cares. These children are nobody of importance. Without the Jackson name, they are just as boring as any children.

Do you care who is the father of Maddona's daughter???

606 days ago


Well I see remarkable similarity between the two photos. I just don't see any similarity between Michael Jr and the photo that is supposedly of him on the screen. None whatsoever.

606 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I see very little similarity between MJ circa 1979 and MJ 2005.

606 days ago

nosy bugger    

suprised he wanted this long! remember when this dr feelgood WAS actually a respected doctor with an impeccable reputation at the top of his field? look at him now. good god!

anyways why doesn't tmz (or any media) ask why didn't he wait until these kids are of legal age to pull this stunt if he wanted to be taken serioulsy?

oh btw has he lost all his houses yet? homeless & broke is he? is that why he is doing this now?

605 days ago


Prince has vitiligo like his father, Michael. Arnie is getting crazier.

605 days ago

Lyle La Fee    

I think it could be true,M.J. married twice & I think he never had an sexual encounter with any of them. I would say M.J. was attracted to males.

598 days ago


I knew that man was that boy's father (or sperm donor, whatever) - you could tell from the eyes & features - he looks just like that man ....
and Paris (MJ's daughter) - is Debby Rowe's daughter. Mike didnt "impregnate" anybody - he PAID PEOPLE OFF so he can have kids. *shakes my d@mn head* --- oh well. it is what it is .....

598 days ago


Harvery you need to get a life! MJ did a DNA test when debbie was prego with Prince and it CONFIRMED Michael IS the father! Also Prince has vitligo which is a GENETIC skin diease. Research it klein had surgery back in the early 90s which left unable to have children! Prince is the spitting image of 1970s MJ

592 days ago


fuggly fat face

576 days ago

Linda Scott    

You wish you were the Dad. Why dont you go back behind the woodwork that all the other money hungry idiots are.

561 days ago

Linda Scott    

You know your not the Dad Klein. Why dont you go behing the woodwork where all the other money hungry idiots are.

561 days ago


Michael jackson was a fool. With all that money, he could have had children by many women. But instead he paid two White people to create offspring. Why didn't he just adopt, if he wanted a White baby?

513 days ago

Susan Louise Darnell    

What do we miss about Michael Jackson?

I decided to write about Michael Jackson because I realized how much I missed him. And that's never happened before. An iconic master of our universe, why would I miss him? I never even met the guy. And how could I feel like the guy? Perhaps the connection begins with the fact that Michael and I are painters. We have symbolic thinking down to a science. I like all the symbolic icons American's groove on and I don't think I have arrested adolescent development. I simply think I'm an artist. Symbolic thinking, something any philosopher of logic will tell you, is useful when you want to project into the media to show the public in visuals, words, deeds, artistic talents, the important iconic symbols that are grabbing the attention of the pop culture. Being relevant is essential.
The simplest answer I can give about why I miss him is because the fans, including me, love him as well as his message and music. We really love him. You see, from what I can figure after watching everything I could on this incredible man, and reading his biography, he told us our story. He acted out the American persons story, as far as the pop culture hot topics allowed. He did it with his feet, his lyrics, his sound, his fantastic displays, his associations with reality and he showed us what we can do now in post modern America. He really wasn't a wild guy, just the new normal. But his fame? Now that took on epic proportions and that can happen to only a handful of people on earth during one full lifetime.
Baby Boomers got the chance to see him, figure out what they never got to do as a child, and we got to see it in such a big way that we got to love him as the boy we wished we could be. Then the teen and suddenly, for purposes of knowing we were suppose to have a career, he helped the next generation figure out how to handle life when in the twenties, thirties and forties decade. He made all the difference to our youthful impressions of what one can do during one lifetime. He sang to us, when we were down and troubled and need some love and care, and nothing, no nothing was going right, we'd just close our eyes and see MJ.
His musical lines would resound in our heads. The euphoria presented itself because he assured us we could be who were are even though it's an emotional and intellectual challenge! He painted us to an imagined stardom with laughter and tears, magical thinking and symbols that became sexier and sexier. He let us let our own loving kindness lift us up. We'd think of him when we saw places to share. He confirmed that we could be taken back into love with our baby. A remarkably profound truth, even if we aren't conscious of it being true while so young.
He said it straight long ago and it still applies today to all young of the world. It ain't no sunshine when our boyfriends or girlfriends are gone. We wanted our special loves to stay a while. When we've been together for such a long time, that is when we'd been with our music, our music for so long, it didn't matter about anything else. And Ben, that song was bought, replayed and stored by me when I was over fifty. I needed it again as I traversed the America's pop culture in the no job economy. I didn't care about the money, I just cared about friendship. I loved his crying sound about how long we'd been together. Ben the two of us need look no more. We found what we were looking for. With a friend I call my own, I'll never be alone. I had to be there in that song. And as for my lovers, I wanted to be there in the morning. Michael told me it was okay. When he begs the girl he'd loved to stay, I hear him in my story too, just like millions of young people today and forever, will.
None other then Charleston Heston introduced him at the Oscars and he sang Ben to everyone. We melted in awe and could relate as he sang, I use to say, I am me, now I say, now it's we. Ben, most people would turn you away. I don't listen to a word they say. They don't see you as I do. I wish they would try to. I'm sure they'd think again if they had a friend like Ben. I always wondered, and still do, who he was singing to. Or was it just that he loved friendship? His fame brought him into many a friend. But in this song, Ben, I also heard the hidden concept of disability, which, when we look hard, we all have with regard to something. His was vitiligo. And he certainly did as best as he could while a slow debilitating immune disorder came on: He let it be as it was meant to be and still kept trying and succeeding.
Before I end this piece today, I have to speak to the people who never researched vitiligo. While costuming and make up and hair are part and parcel of the show biz world, Michael had a terrible skin disease, and it literally made his skin go from brown to very white. It also caused immune disease sensitivities. And imagine how you would feel if you had to adjust to wearing make-up that matched the brown, to make-up that matched the white. Some cosmetic surgery substantially altered his looks but how much of it was repairing the damage of his illness. Drooping lower eyelids are caused by something, you know. I heard him tell that his nose was operated on so he could breath better. How do we know about his breathing issues?
Some things are intimate to ones self because it's awful hard to deal with. I never heard why he'd make public appearances wearing a surgical mask. I can guess though. I became empathic for his sake. Before any more critics wield nasty comments to the man who is so very loved and remembered around the world, please consider the coping mechanisms you use to deal with your hatred and the coping skills necessary to deal with an auto-immune disorder. Singing a cappella, I'll Be There, to comfort you, he lived up to his promise.

What do we miss about Michael Jackson? By Susan Louise Darnell @ 1 of 4

498 days ago


As a doctor she should be capable of finding out for sure. Has he ever heard of a DNA test? It is not fair to make those claims if he is not completely sure. He owes that much to the late singer and a bit of respect for the three children would be nice to see.

455 days ago
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