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Katherine Jackson

I Need Help from the Doc

Who Killed My Son

1/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114-katherine-jackson-conrad-murray-tmzKatherine Jackson is reaching out to the man who killed her son because she needs him badly for something ... TMZ has learned.

Katherine is in the throes of a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, claiming the company negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray and failed to properly supervise him.

Here's the problem.  She needs Murray on the record, explaining how the arrangement went down, so she's subpoenaed the jailed Doc. Katherine wants Murray to acknowledge AEG masterminded the plan to bring him on board.

It's ironic, to say the least, but Katherine is dealing with some bad options. She can go after Murray, but he doesn't have a pot to piss in. Or, she can try to bring him into the fold in order to go after the deep pockets -- AEG.

Now the real problem -- Murray's not cooperating. His lawyers, Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan, are fighting the subpoena, trying to get it tossed on technical grounds.

So Katherine can persist ... and a judge could order Murray to tell all. But she doesn't want to unnecessarily antagonize the Doc, because a hostile witness is often a bad witness.


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It was a tragedy that Michael died and everyone wants to point fingers at who's to blame. Sadly, the blame is all on Michael. Michael had money and fame. If he wanted a drug he could and would find a way to get it. As a former addict I know if not this doctor then he would have found another one to get what he needed.

641 days ago

Brigha from UK    

....As a former addict I know if not this doctor then he would have found another one to get what he needed.
As a former addict, how would you feel if your doctor filled you full of dangerous drugs every night?
Michael did not kill himself. He was not suicidal. He did not want to die, just to sleep. He took every precaution to be safe, including paying $150k per month to a qualified doctor.
It was not MJs fault that his doctor was a quack who would do anything for money.

641 days ago


AIG knew Michael condition when they brought that horrible doctor onboard. The Dentist and everyone else was supplying drugs since Michael hair accident. Just leave the case alone - Michael is dead, the kids have enough money if the family does not blow it. She will be dead before the case goes to court.

640 days ago


Michael will not rest in peace until justice is served! Give them hell, Katherine!

640 days ago

Tom Cruise    

The whole family is just disgusting. MJ was a drug addict and a pedophile.

640 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I think the estate should sue HER for blowing all of it's money on suing everyone who came within a 50 foot radius of him

640 days ago


And, yes, Michael feared he was going to get killed!

640 days ago


Luz, why should a child molester get any respect???

640 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Karen ....has also spoken in the past as to how well endowed Michael was. The info can be found if you search for it. I believe she cared for MJ but her past at times suggests otherwise.
Michael had not been in contact with Karen for many years....

Hi Mimi,
I asked Karen if there was any truth in this rumour and she replied via twitter:

"No. Matt Fiddes sold a story to the British Tabloid's about a joking conversation MJ and I had in an elevator, where MJ said he was "bigger" than my husband, and it was referring to strength. (Like "my dad can beat up your dad", when we were kids). We all laughed at MJ saying that, and the double meaning. During MJJS days, a fan asked me about the story in the tabloids and I explained. Nasty fans have turned a cute story into this vile rumor. RT

Also, Karen was with MJ during the preparations for TII. The last saw him on the night he died. She was worried to death about him.

640 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Karen also wrote:

All my "haters" have screen caps of everything I ever wrote...I am sure they would have THAT in their collection. Ask to see it.

Any comments Mimi?

640 days ago


OMG....just everyone can have "haters" nowadays....who really cares for Karen Faye and what she has to say....and actually it is well known she had been fired so she was NOT with MJ the night he died....another lie.....? So shocking....

640 days ago


Well...ironic and absurd that KJ asks for help just the one who killed her son... another attempt to grab money though this lawsuit is not going to bring her anything...probably just more shame....all for money as they say....

640 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Karen was with him during that last rehearsal. When it finished, she gave him a big hug, said "See you tomorrow" and, as we know MJ died the next day.
She wasn't fired.
She worked with MJ for 27 years.
But obviously, you know him better than she does.
By your posts, you obviously know him better than his own mother, because you hate her too.
So, Sammy for how many years were you MJs best friend?

640 days ago


Hi Brigha,

hope you are well under the tons of snow you’re obviously buried in! I haven’t known that weather conditions like that are possible where you live... Maybe you should get yourself a snowcat in order to fight your way back into civilisation?

I’m convinced that it has been Michael’s dedicated wish to hire Murray.

But: AEG was fully aware of why he needed exactly that doctor. And they tolerated it and recklessly endorsed the consequences as long as the money machine Michael was running – and as long it was not them who would be held account for if anything went terribly wrong.

In that concern it was a clever move to let MICHAEL close the contract with Murray. No risk for AEG, they would always wash their hands of responsiblity.

Besides that I can’t understand why it’s so absolutely beyond to so many people that a mother would rather find out about what happened to her child with the help of a lawsuit than making money out of it.

Everybody who has children knows that you never stop worrying about them, no matter whether they are five or fifty years old.

640 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Hi Moni !
lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well.
I totally agree with you. Michael did want Murray, and we both know why. But AEG facilitated the hiring, because they knew MJ could not possibly do the shows without Murray.
They knew the risks. Even if they didn't specifically know about Propofol, they knew MJ had drug issues. The whole world knew that.
All AEG had to do was to refuse to advance Murrays salary, and Murray would never have taken the job.
They were protecting their investment in the shows at the expense of Michaels health. The emails show they had no respect for him. They saw him as no more than a performing monkey, whereas, in truth he was a frail and impaired man.
Karen Faye said he was worried to death about the concerts and couldn't sleep and I absolutely believe her.

Also, I agree that any mother would want answers. But Katherine can't win. If she sues, she is seen as money-grubbing. If she doesn't she's seen as uncaring. Catch 22!
I'm always surprised by the amount of judgmental and irrational people on this site.
MJ is on record stating how much he loved his Mum, but some 'fans' think they know better.
What's the saying? "A person is intelligent - but people are stupid"!

Yes, the snow is annoying. It's not too deep but because I live in a remote area, the council don't grit the roads here. Never mind, I'm enjoying the time off work!

640 days ago
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