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Lindsay Lohan

New Lawyer NEVER Met

His California Sponsor

1/23/2013 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's new lawyer has never met ... never even spoken to the lawyer who is sponsoring him to represent the actress in a California criminal court ... this according to the sponsor herself.

We broke the story ... New York attorney Mark Heller has filed legal docs for permission to appear in a California court -- where he is NOT licensed to practice law -- to handle Lindsay's lying-to-cops case.  To win that permission, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him.

With more than 200,000 lawyers in CA, Mark chose one who has been an inactive member of the State Bar for 17 years.  Her name is Lindsay Berger Sacks, and she became an active member last week -- days before Heller filed paperwork to represent Lohan in court.

We spoke with Berger Sacks, and she told us she has never had a single contact with Heller.  Berger Sacks -- who seems like a very smart and charitable lady who says she has never practiced law a day in her life (and that's to her credit) -- told us she was actually contacted by an attorney who has worked closely with Heller in the past, Peter Toumbekis, a good friend of hers since Jr. High.  Berger Sacks told us she believed she was vouching for Toumbekis, not Heller.

But here's the deal ... Toumbekis didn't sign the paperwork to appear in the Lohan case -- Heller did, and what's more Berger Sacks signed the same paperwork with Heller's name on it.

So if Berger Sacks didn't know Heller yet only his name was on the paperwork, why did she sign it?  Berger Sacks husband -- who is also a lawyer -- tells us Heller's law firm is referenced in the paperwork and Toumbekis is working with the firm and will even appear at next week's hearing.  But the fact is ... it's Heller, not Toumbekis, who is asking for permission to rep Lohan.

This trial's gonna be interesting.



No Avatar


What clusterf**k!!!!!

602 days ago


The plane has crashed into the mountain!

602 days ago


from perez.....
Deals?! She don't need no stinkin' deals!

Lindsay Lohan did not accept a plea bargain offer which would have forced her into nine month rehab stint!

Instead, the troubled actress will roll the dice and possibly put herself on the stand in one of the most epic trials ever!!!

Sufferin' succotash, this is HUGE! If things go south, as they often do for the Mean Girls star, LiLo could wind up doing HARD TIME in jail!

Apparently, her new attorney Mark Heller whispered sweet nothings in her ear and convinced her to go the all-or-nothing route.

One source says:

“Mark believes he can get Lindsay acquitted of all criminal charges stemming from her car accident in Santa Monica last summer. Lindsay has convinced Mark that she never lied to cops when they asked her if she was driving the car that day. There was a plea bargain offer on the table for Lindsay to go to rehab for nine months, but she absolutely refused that. Mark won’t sign off on a deal that sends Lindsay to rehab for more than 60 days.”

Lindsay, in fact, thinks her best bet is to appeal to a jury!

The source continues:

“There is talk of Lindsay taking the stand because she feels that once a jury hears her side of events she will be acquitted."

Hmm — she is an awfully talented actress!! Maybe she can convince the world she wasn't driving that car in Santa Monica way back when!!!

602 days ago


OJ had his dream team of lawyers
LL never to be outdone
Has a Nightmare Team.

602 days ago

LLsez items are being quietly added.....

602 days ago


So in other words, this sack of burgers chick is a moron. Guess we can see now why she's never practiced law a day in her life. Clearly she can't even read.

602 days ago

ilovegossip is looking more snd more like this is true, since it is at least coming from the source.

But I still feel like something is up.

602 days ago


I notice all the new stories about Lindsay wanting to take it to trial are only saying that Lindsay wants to prove she told the truth. But what they aren't saying is that she wasn't driving. I wonder if she is going to say she told them she was driving and they misunderstood?

602 days ago


Any word if Hobie will be traveling out West too, to catch some waves in between court sessions?

602 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


So I am at CVS and waiting my turn. I look over at the magazines and on the cover of Star magazine....BAM!

Lindsay Lohan, escort for hire...Bwahahaha!

You have to see the picures they used. Andy would love it.

You have to scrol down on their Facebook page, its on the left side.

I can't wait till she gets popped for prositition.

602 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Its on the right side of Star Facebook page, sorry I was laughing to hard

602 days ago


Who is dumber?

A client who fires an excellent lawyer who has been working without payment? Or a lawyer who takes on a crazy client who will never pay him?

602 days ago


My next prediction: We're about to hear about how Shawn got famous on Blohan.

602 days ago

kanye east    

HA! Within this article about Linds and her sh!tpile movie "The Clamyons" getting laughed out of the industry - again - the writer totally forgets about her after the 1st paragraph,and starts rambling about other real celebrities. He can't even be bothered to continue to talk about Linds in an article about her! She's that uninteresting. HA!

602 days ago


FFS...who is making the accommodations "arrangements" for the East Coast Team for their stay in L.A.??

(And that would have to include for Blo and for DUIna too......since Blo is....homeless.)

602 days ago
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