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Dr. Arnie Klein

MJ Doc Suspected of

Obtaining Illegal Botox

1/24/2013 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's now-bankrupt former dermatologist Dr. Arnie Klein -- who fueled the singer with mass quantities of dangerous drugs -- has now been named in another sprawling drug controversy ... this time involving potentially dangerous Botox imported from foreign countries.

The FDA has issued a notification to more than 350 medical practices across the U.S. -- claiming they may have received unapproved meds, including Botox, from a foreign supplier -- and one of the docs on the giant list is none other than Arnie.

The suppliers in question are owned and operated by a company called Canada Drugs, though it's unclear where the drugs are manufactured.

According to the FDA, "These medications may be counterfeit, contaminated, improperly stored and transported, ineffective, and/or unsafe."

The notice continues, "Medical practices that purchase and administer illegal and unapproved medications from foreign sources are placing patients at risk."

But then again, Danger is Arnie's middle name ...


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My friend ordered Botox from Canada . It was so cheap, so I had it injected. I was sick for over 5 months...... I felt like my head was in a vice grip and I had vertigo non stop. If anyone offers this to you, don't do it.

551 days ago


Did ever notice they never report where these so called doctors in Hollywood received their medical degrees. I am sure that does not matter to these so called movie and entertainment stars. In my opinion Hollywood is a big cesspool.

551 days ago


Anyone not believe this?

551 days ago


A reputable doc would have this batch tested.
btw tmz, title like that could get you sued, and klein is sueing everyone these days.
you make it seem like he smuggled it in or something.

551 days ago


Harvey - your pants are to tight - your on tv and yet i feel like i "know" you -

551 days ago

mj fan forever    

WTF is he still practicing in the first place??!! Didn't they wanted to revoke his damned license?!?? He administered demerol to Michael that contributes in causing insomnia and it's was even proved at that disgusting murderer's trial!!! This disgusting pig should just rot in jail!!!!

551 days ago

Mr. Principal    

Who cares!

551 days ago


This guy is more SHADY then Harvey, every guy on Wall Street, Politicians, every criminal in the world, Suge Knight, LAPD, NYPD, Philadelphia Police, Florida Police, Banks, Terrorists and every moron who thinks that reality shows are real.

551 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

This shytbag is just as responsible for MJ's death as Dr. Murray if not more so. He was Michael's drug dealer for decades and that's probably why MJ asked him to donate sperm for a couple of his kids. And what a genetic specimen Arnie is!

551 days ago


That's pretty ironic considering he is one of the people responsible for the invention of botox.

551 days ago


First off I wish these type of stories would go away. Just another way to pick on Michael Jackson and make headlines doing it. Two this guy stays in trouble. Not new. Harvey this type of reporting is beginning to look desperate and I thought you were above this let the corny Mj headlines go.

551 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Well the worm has certainly turned for this dude!
From being MJ and Elizabeth Taylor's derm. to cryin' poverty.
(BTW--is Felony Blohan a patient since she thinks she's Liz Taylor?! lol)
I ain't buyin' it--10 bucks says he's got offshore $$$!!!
Is he the one who bleached MJ's skin? (MJ did have vitiligo.)

551 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

You don’t need Navies, ground forces, air forces and standing armies to fight this last war. What America needs to win is to give freedom and equal justice to her slaves (the so-called Negroes). This injustice to her slaves is the real cause of this final war. Give them up to return to their own or divide with them the country that you took from their people (the Indians), which they have helped you to build up and maintain with their sweat and blood for 400 years. They even gave all of their brainpower to you. They helped you kill anyone that you said was your enemy; even if it was their own brother or your own brother. What have you given them for their labor and lives?

551 days ago

Cry Baby    

I have no respect of this doctor, whatsoever!

He had the chance to rid of the pedo years ago, before the child victims piled up in MJ's bedroom, he did nothing. He could have been a hero then if he injected something lethal to that pedo's mouth so he could never suck again, and his hands fell off- so he could never hold any boy's hand- along with his balls, which apparently had since he turned 9 with that girly singing voice.

551 days ago


He should be Murray's cell mate. They can exchange stories of how they get their patients hooked on narcotics to keep them coming back. Just drug dealers with a license.
Oh yeah, almost forgot that one other little thing, the propothol.

551 days ago
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