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Bob Marley's Son to Snoop:

My Dad Would've LOVED You!

1/25/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Snoop Lion just got the MARLEY FAMILY SEAL OF APPROVAL ... because Bob's son Rohan tells TMZ the reggae legend would've totally supported Snoop's Rastafarian rebirth.

Rohan says he's well aware that an original member of the Wailers -- along with the Rastafari Millennium Council -- attacked Snoop ... claiming the rapper is nothing more than a Rasta Imposta. 

But Rohan says those guys have it all wrong -- telling us, "Our father's name should not even be mentioned in this issue because like a true Rasta, he would have embraced Snoop's reincarnation and welcomed the positivity."

He continues, "Why condemn a man for his love of Rastafari and Bob Marley?"

"We have been cool with Snoop before his transformation and he will continue to have our blessings and support."



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The Big Bowowski    

Maybe Snoop Lion was just a little to much. Snizzla, bunny doggy Dogg, something like that. Frig, your sidekicks name is Archbishop Don Magic Juan, and the best you could do was some wack ass hybrid gunk called Snoopy D O DOUBLE G lion??? wac to the fullest

633 days ago


Snoop is just looking for another way to make money. Everyone knows this

633 days ago


Its common knowledge that Bunny Wailer and the Marleys are not friends, and not because Bob Marley is world renowned, the Marleys are NOT the best examples of true Rastas. They don't even live in Jamaica anymore, they only visit. Even Shaggy is here 70% of the year, and does a lot in giving back. Bunny Wailer has point, the Marleys have a point. Snoop Dogg is milking this Rasta thing but i think he truly means well.

633 days ago


Spoken like a true Rastafarian, Rohan

633 days ago


i gotta call bull s h i t on that one. Bob may have been a toker and a smoker but i doubt there is anything about a slag thug like snoop that BM would find humorous of even note worthy.

633 days ago


I tried taking Snoop's 'supposed' move seriously UNTIL he started trying to talk with a Rastafarian accent.
Give it up, LONG BEACH
Being a TRUE RASTA is NOT about trying to fake the front, it's about staying true to where you're from and where you're going

633 days ago


Why do it even matter what Snoop does? If people would stop judging everyone else this world would be a much better place. Live and let live man.

633 days ago


The real question is, have you heard his "reggae"? Talk about awful.

633 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He had brain cancer. He would have known no better.

633 days ago


Rohan is like the youngest, most irrelevant of the Marley family. Who cares what he thinks.

633 days ago


I doubt if Marley would like a THUG and a pervert.

633 days ago


I am so G.D. sick of hearing from, looking at and reading about Snoop Dog. Please give us a break and let this man die already.

633 days ago

Treasure Beach Jamaica    

mi alwayz lyk snoop likkle vybez and mi nuh care if him a lion or dogg...mi still like him. Positive vibration wi a deal wid.

633 days ago


I n I read about Bunny Wailer...and yet Bunny Wailer writes on his facebook post " Bob Marley and the Wailers revolutionist the world about Rastafarian through the music". In another post Bunny Wailer goes on to say that "there are concerns about the Jamaican record companies ripping off music artists such as Snoop".

I think reality is that Snoop has been targeted for his money...that's what this is all, greed and power...

So who the hell does that Rastafarian Council in Jamaica think they are, why did they go through the process of reincarnating Snoop as Rastafarian Snoop Lion...that's just going against their beliefs they are going to sue Snoop.

Does that mean people in the world have to go all the way to Jamaica to get reincarnated as a Rastafarian.
I am from New Zealand and the ratio of people who follow the Rastafarian culture, listen to Bob Marley and the Wailers music, who also have dreadlocks and wear Rastafarian colours/clothing.

633 days ago


Ratio type of group from New Zealand who are into their Rastafarian culture are classified as low to middle class people, they are on low income or dependent on the welfare state. They come from or are involve in gangs, they are Maori or Pacific Island people. Majority of them smoke pot to get high which leads to other harder drugs. So the likes of Bunny Wailer and the Jamaican Rastafarian Council expects this type of people to travel to Jamaica to be guys are one big fat joke...Bunny Wailer n this so call Rastafarian Council are spreading not love to the world but so much confusion on a Rastafarian political and social level, sounding like a government. I bet if Snoop was just the ordinary person and not wealthy at all, Bunny Wailer n this Rastafarian Council would not even bother with him...1Love jah bless

633 days ago
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