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'Plastic Wives' Star

I NEED Plastic Surgery ...

to Survive in L.A.

1/25/2013 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The star of "Plastic Wives" -- a new reality show about the wives of plastic surgeons who pride themselves on FREE nips and tucks -- says the only way to keep up in L.A. is to go under the knife ... and firmly believes there's NOTHING wrong with that.

Frances Marques -- one of four women featured on TLC's new show -- was out in L.A. Thursday night and we asked all about her controversial new show and her various procedures ... we're talkin' butt implants, lip reconstruction (NOT on your mouth), botox, liposuction ... the list goes on.

Frances tells TMZ ... plastic surgery shouldn't be seen as a taboo thing, because "everybody has everything done" -- and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

She explains, "Upkeep is important, especially in Los Angeles ... Everybody that's beautiful around the nation comes here, to be somebody. So we're competing with these gorgeous women. So we wanna keep it up. What's wrong with that?"

Um ... nothing?


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creepy looking broad
and not in a good way

547 days ago


and this TART is who again?????

547 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What are they competing for, who can end up most deformed? She doesn't need anymore work, because it ain't helping.

547 days ago


She's right, she does need surgery...corrective surgery....someone messed her face up!

547 days ago

judy jetson    

they look like a bunch of aliens.

547 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

Unfortunately, entertainers that choose to speak consciously or dress modestly seem to fall by the wayside to create more space for the enticing and risqué. Jill Scott, India Arie, and Jasmine Sullivan will never attain the supernova stardom that their body baring counterparts do. They may have success and a great following but in today's world their conscious, uplifting, soulful music is overshadowed by club beats, dance anthems and records that just simply let you escape. An overly sexed population has become the norm instead of the exception and people who wish to maintain a certain mystery or morality are deemed prudish or behind the times. A nation can rise no higher than its woman, and constantly you hear these women complaining of the lack of men in this world. Maybe it's time you look at yourselves and realize that these boys can't possibly be men if the girls refuse to grow into women and hold everyone to a higher standard. The women in the spotlight have the ability to jumpstart that movement. But it will never happen as long as these women exist for affection and attention, instead of living for righteousness and respect! "Woman is the NlGGER of the world!" Yoko turned me into a Feminist a long time ago! :)

547 days ago


This chick should start with that HUGE nose.

But just looking at her and listening to her, no amount of plastic surgery is going to fix her f*cked-up personality.

547 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth!

547 days ago


I would REALLY love to see what the haters making all the negative comments on here, look like. She looks beautiful. Envy is not a pretty thing.

547 days ago

PJ in Texas    

I honestly believe these woman have no mirrors in their multi-million dollar homes. Unfortunately, it is sad. It is obvious these women have other emotional issues that cause them to feel they have to change to be accepted. Go figure? I am glad I am normal.

547 days ago


looks like someone punched her in the lips!! i'll do the plastic surgery for .50 cents . just give me a peper bag to put over that huge water head .

547 days ago


It's sort of like the people who try out for American Idol, but really can't sing. Does noone in their lives tell them the truth?

547 days ago


At least if you are naturally ugly, it is free but these women are spending a lot of money to look this bizarre!

547 days ago


I live in LA and have no intention of getting plastic surgery and I know plenty of other people in LA who won't either. Of those people that do get plastic surgery, most don't turn themselves into freaks.

547 days ago


She says you need "upkeep" but it seems to me that around maybe 80-90% of the time the plastique only makes people look worse. It seems like once someone starts getting ps it only throws their face out of proportion - kind of like filing down one leg of a table - and makes them need to "fix" something else. If people insist on this "upkeep" I think it's better at least to stick to the tempory crap.

547 days ago
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