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Casey Anthony

Files for Bankruptcy

1/27/2013 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_Casey-Anthony_gettyCasey Anthony is looking to make a fresh start ... financially speaking ... and has filed for bankruptcy in Florida.

Anthony, who had two of her convictions for lying to authorities tossed out on Friday, filed for Chapter 7 protection in a Tampa court on the same day.

In the docs, Anthony says she owes almost $800,000 to about 80 creditors and has no income to speak of. Among her debts:

-- $500,000 to lead defense attorney Jose Baez.

-- $145,660 to the Orange County Sheriff's Office

-- $68,540 to the IRS

Not listed among her creditors ... Home Depot.

Anthony is also in the middle of defending herself from a defamation lawsuit from Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, who claims Anthony ruined her reputation.


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Cindy Anthony was given a pass from perjury.and they want to skip there debt to Florida law enforcement ,GREEDY ,GREEDY,As soon as Casey is debt free she will have closure,SORRY,KILLER,no one will let you sweep Caylee awayNO BELLA VITA EVER.

600 days ago


These things happen

600 days ago


This murder wants to get out of everything,now bankruptcy!! You already got away with killing her own precious daughter cause of some idiot dumb ass jurors. Casey we know you will read these comments cause you like the attention even if it's bad, you are a ugly big ear hoe that should and will rot in hell. You should go run in front of a moving car cause you are a waste of space in this world. You are breathing useful air, you should put duct tape over YOUR nose and mouth, or better yet when someone gets a hold of you that's exactly what i hope they do to you!! Payback is a Bitch and you will one day get yours for killing your daughter. I'm glad no one has paid you for an interview cause I'm sure that's exactly what you thought you were gonna get.So Get IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD YOUR WASTING SPACE HERE ON EARTH SO GO AWAY !!! YOU MURDER

600 days ago


Casey is sexy. I'd take her in. She isn't a murderer. She was found not guilty. This is why the media destroys innocent people's lives. Bad mom yes. Murderer no.

600 days ago


I hope her pathetic ass is loney, miserable, and broke for the rest of her life. RIP to the beautiful angel that lost her life in this terrible situation.

600 days ago


she's hot

600 days ago


One Word: Karma

600 days ago

Umm ok...    

So I would guess that Jose Baez will get to claim the entire amount as a "loss" on his tax return and end up with a refund. She will end up on welfare and we will all foot the bill for her life. Pathetic.

600 days ago


Dang. I really, REALLY had hoped we'd heard the last of this worthless thing. Please Harvey, she's out of the thirty mile zone, she killed her child, and she looks like a cheap ho. No more, please.

600 days ago


If she doesn't pay for the defence, does that mean they can withdraw it and she can finally be convicted?
Seems fair to me.

600 days ago


I hope that Baez expected some of that money ($500,000) from book deals he expected Casey to get and now he gets NADA.

600 days ago


Hopefully she will do us all a favor and commit suicide.

600 days ago


Too bad you ****!

600 days ago


I thought Casey was declared indigent, and the state was paying Baez’s fee and all the costs associated with her defense. Did I get this wrong? What is the ½ million for?

600 days ago


Who you gotta kill to file bankruptcy these days?

600 days ago
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