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Justin Bieber

More Weed. More Problems.

2/1/2013 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's at the center of ANOTHER marijuana controversy -- TMZ has learned MORE photos of the singer holding a blunt were being shopped to media outlets.

The photos -- which we've seen -- show 18-year-old Justin and his bud Lil Za casually passing the weed-filled stogie back and forth while hanging outside of an L.A. home.

FYI -- Lil Za is the guy who was pulled over and detained for driving Bieber's Ferrari without a license early Friday morning. We're told the marijuana photos were taken Thursday.

It's not the first time Bieber's been photographed with grass ... just last month, Justin was pictured with another rapper -- Lil Twist -- holding a smoldering joint at a hotel party in Newport Beach.  Ironically, Bieber loaned the same Ferrari to Lil Twist January 1st.  You'll recall a photog was struck and killed by another motorist while shooting pics of Twist being pulled over for speeding.

We reached out to Justin's camp for comment ... about smoking pot and loaning his car to less-than-responsible people.  So far no word back.



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Why can't this little $hit Bag be deported? He is a menace and has no respect for the US or it's citizens
To him it is all about the Money he can get out of us

631 days ago


Very sad that he is going down this path. I am not and never will blame others for Biebers choices but will always say "You are who your with" Its to bad that he is hanging out with people that are easily influencing him. If the pot were not easily accessible this would not even be a story. I'll bet his parents are kind of freaking out about their darling becoming irresponsible like his friends that he is choosing these days.

631 days ago


Wow, a teenager smoking pot...I'm appalled.

631 days ago


OMG! Why is this news? Who gives a crap if he smokes pot? Get over it, move on , and find some real news to report on!

631 days ago


Don't like Bieber, but weed is on its way to being legal. Lending out your car is way more irresponsible and dangerous than smoking weed.

631 days ago

Miley is a whore    

how come Miley gets away with smoking weed?

631 days ago


Justin Bieber is a loser because he smokes weed and hangs out with rappers, but the rest of you are cool because you make $50K a year, drive a Camry and have 900 facebook friends. Pick any year out of the last 5 of Bieber's life, it tops most of your BEST years in your life. He's young, he's rich, your not, get over it.

631 days ago


Seriously, just let him smoke his green in peace.

631 days ago


It's just matter of time he gets a girl pregnant.

631 days ago


Sorry'll always be a bottom.

631 days ago


I wonder if lil Bieb gets full from all of that black c**k he is sucking? I kid lol, of course he doesn't. He loves his pseudo thug posse. By the end of the year his cars will be totaled, he's on cocaine, and will have tattoos up to his eyeballs.

631 days ago


God i hope cut for beiber makes a come back due to this.

631 days ago


Maybe he'll be more than a good drummer wit h the greenery assist..could lead to talent..

631 days ago

Throwback kid    

I predicted this and I want my props! I said that Justin Bieber will be another Leif Garrett, a spoiled rotten tean idol who loses control, will have no success as an adult and will turn to drugs because of it. Bieber is done! his 15 minutes are up and now we will see him being arrested for drugs in the future. I see nothing but trouble and rejection for Bieber as he moves into adulthood

631 days ago


First off, were is your validated resource? Second, why are yall ALWAYS talking mess about him you guys only highlight his mistakes. Why can you guys for one highlight what he has done for the world? Donating money for Haiti,Japan and recently the Sandy hurricane victims? How come you cant talk about the visits he does for dying patients making their dreams come true? Why do you always bash on him? If he does smoke weed, so what? TF we care for? Its his ****ing life, he is an adult already. He can do whatever he wants. To the guy that posted thatbhe hopes cuy for bieber comes back, SHAME ON YOU.Why would you even say that? Do you how many lives Justin has saved from suicide and cutting? I, myself am a Belieber. Ive been here for Justin since day one. Throughout the years, the baby momma drama, Helena, dead pap, weed and everything. And honestly, this badly written article will not make me leave his side. I go to a school were we learn about laws and stuff. Having a lawyer in your show, he should know that celebrities have a right to their own privacy as other people. TMZ, when you actually have a resource for your article worth reading, I will apoligize for being mean. Oh and to haters commenting on this article, you guys are so ****ing gullible I swear. LMAO if you dobt like Justin, thats fine but stop ****ing complaning. The more you complain the more famous he'll be.

631 days ago
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