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TN State Senator

Homosexuality Is Dangerous

2/1/2013 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) has a message to the gay community -- stop ramming the gay agenda "down everybody's throats" and leave the straight people alone!!!

Sen. Campfield just called in to "TMZ Live" to talk about the strongly-worded email he sent to a pro-gay voter ... who had objected to a bill Campfield recently reintroduced to the Tennessee General Assembly.

During the call, Campfield insists he doesn't hate gay people -- he just doesn't believe students from kindergarten through 8th grade should discuss ANYTHING gay related.

Among the highlights:
-- Campfield says the people in the gay rights community are "the biggest bullies in the world."

-- Campfield says comparing the gay rights movement to the African American civil rights movement is "insulting to the civil rights movement of the black people."

-- Campfield says he wishes the gay community would just leave the straight people alone ... saying, "We don't wanna hear about it every day ... quit trying to ram it down everybody's throats ... and quit pushing it on everyone. Just leave us alone."

Some people in the newsroom disagreed with the State Senator's views ... check out the video.


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Frederick Young    

that senator needs to get his crap together,he does not know what the hell he is talking about.very Stupid did he become a senator,voted in by uneducated people

626 days ago


Gay community has way to much time on their hands, I wish I can bring some gays from the 80's, real hard gays that had real problems back in the day Like AIDS when there wasn't help or getting beat to death on a daily basis. Its like me yelling I love ***** in their face I sure they don't want to hear that, well except for the lesbians lol

626 days ago


I am a teacher....specifically middle school...I understand that individuals want to keep children innocent as possible...but part of being an educator is about teachings more than just the's about educating the future leaders of tomorrow...times are always and evolving...curriculum is always changing and evolving...homosexuals have existed since the beginning of time and some if the great minds we teach in our schools were homosexuals or bisexuals... It seems like more personal views that are in the bill the facts...this is why bullying of gays is so vicious...because being gay is made seemed like something wrong or bad...if parents are not going to teach their children respect...then us teachers should be able to... That is why their are so many ignorant individuals in the world...lack of knowledge... Does this senator have any background in education? Whe. Is the last time he stepped into a classroom or even school to determined what he feels is appropriate or inappropriate to teach...that is why the school system is so screwed up...

626 days ago


Please understand that Sen, Campfield is not representative of the majority of the world or southerners in general. Unfortunately, these ill-informed bigots have hijacked the conversation from the vasy majority who do not share his vile and ignorant approach to people whom he doesn't understand or chose to embrace as "equal".

While I understand it is "news", this is hate speech and should be treated as such. He lives in a bubble with his own "facts" and fortunately at some point he will only be talking to a smaller and smaller audience.

Generally speaking, when people take such extreme positions with regard to the LBGT compmunity, I always wonder if they are "over-compensating" for a lack of comfort in their own sexuality.".

No rational person would tolerate his opinions if he was addressing them based on religion, race or gender and the LBGT community deswerves no less.

626 days ago


I believe that Senator Campfield is correct, and millions of people share his view. I am tired of people being labelled as hateful, if they do not agree with homosexuality. I also agree that the "gay rights movement" being compared to the "civil rights movement" is insulting to black people. One has to do with sexual preference - the other about a race of people being treated like animals. Similar to the Senator I believe that the media should spend less time on sexual preference, and more time on less violence, families, and procreation.

626 days ago


As a African American mother of three and grandmother of 6 and a democrat and I totally agree with the Senator. Just because Obama said it's right DON"T make it so. And the Senator is right when he say that is is a civil rights issue. Everyone has to respect what the gay's want while they and you continue to insult the REAL civil rights movement. We do need gay people forcing their stupidity on our children

626 days ago


The senator has a right to his opinion. His concern is children being taught homosexuality in the schools. What is more puzzling is the reaction which amounts to name calling. Why? Isn't the name calling tantamount to the abuses the homosexual communitty alleges they are subjected to? As for Harvey, though I respect his business savvy, I would never hold him up as a moral role model. He too often insists on rights of homosexuals which invariably step upon the rights of heterosexuals. Its the same old human double standard forcing everyone to understand and accept his point of view.

626 days ago


Homosexuality is dangerous, especially to your anus.

626 days ago


I'M A VERY PROUD DEMOCRATE: Frpm The Great State Of IL .This Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) " Who IN hink He Is ? " I have State Senator that is Gay " Mr. Mark Kirk ( R ) " He Rep: My State and I'm Very Proud 2 have Him in Rep: My State in DC.

626 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I agree with the sentiments of most of the posters here, but I think the important question here is what would Lindsay Lohan do?

626 days ago


I agree with everything Senator Campfield says, the gay community d has an agenda, and is full o hate and revenge. It's like they want world domination. That's why they are shoving their gay lifestyle down everybody's throat, specially children. I agree with Senator Campfield. From kindergarten to eight grade at least, schools have absolutely no right stamping pro gay lifestyle in their brains. It's like psychological child abuse.

626 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

by and far the biggest detractor to the pro-gay movement IS the pro-gay movement. look at all the comments in this thread. (disregarding the religios zealotry) the pro-gay agenda no matter what posters are overwhelmingly judgmental and derrogatory, the ones who really dont care about gay-rights but are just sick of the pro-gay agenda in itself are overwhelmingly telling you "get over it, he's right".

the divide will only keep growing larger and acceptance will never be realized if the pro gay zealots realize this and act like civil human beings.

626 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh wow, I think this is Lindsay Lohan. Gays really do have no rights!
Blind Item #4
It was just like old times when this A list female celebrity got together with this former B list actress who is now a solid C-. They were involved in a love triangle, but the A list female celebrity wanted no part of it this week when they got together again. The C lister thought she could reignite the flame but the A lister said that she is not into women any longer and that the C lister looked awful and the most the A lister would do for her is buy her lunch. She also threw in a pack of cigarettes.

626 days ago


Gay slurs: fudge packers, pee pee smokers, carpet munchers, rump riders.

Heck i've been called worse. Now get over it!

626 days ago


This guy talks more about gay people than a gay website

626 days ago
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