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TN State Senator

Homosexuality Is Dangerous

2/1/2013 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) has a message to the gay community -- stop ramming the gay agenda "down everybody's throats" and leave the straight people alone!!!

Sen. Campfield just called in to "TMZ Live" to talk about the strongly-worded email he sent to a pro-gay voter ... who had objected to a bill Campfield recently reintroduced to the Tennessee General Assembly.

During the call, Campfield insists he doesn't hate gay people -- he just doesn't believe students from kindergarten through 8th grade should discuss ANYTHING gay related.

Among the highlights:
-- Campfield says the people in the gay rights community are "the biggest bullies in the world."

-- Campfield says comparing the gay rights movement to the African American civil rights movement is "insulting to the civil rights movement of the black people."

-- Campfield says he wishes the gay community would just leave the straight people alone ... saying, "We don't wanna hear about it every day ... quit trying to ram it down everybody's throats ... and quit pushing it on everyone. Just leave us alone."

Some people in the newsroom disagreed with the State Senator's views ... check out the video.


No Avatar

I'm out :-/    

Wise man he is. Nobody should have this immoral lifestyle shoved down his/her throat!

629 days ago


I completely agree with him......!!!!!

629 days ago


Nice gay dating:))))))

629 days ago


What an ignorant tool.

629 days ago

Jason Wood    

I find it hard to imagine that our country is being run by such ignoramus'. Ignorant Intolerance is dangerous. Maybe he's just mad that gays aren't "cramming it down His throat".

629 days ago


You Homosexuals should remain in the closet. For all we know AIDS started because of you people.

629 days ago


Yes, I also am SO sick of the gay agenda and hearing about it ALL day after day after day. Stop!

629 days ago


He is 100% correct, but he is wasting his time. It is too late. The makeup of the country has changed. The liberal minded people now outweigh the traditional minded "nice, decent" people. Nothing to do but just sit back and watch the liberals and gays and everyone else like them tear it down over the next couple of generations. Then he can say, "I told you so". But I don't even think that will register with them. They are too brainwashed and far gone. Plus, they will just continue to blame it on Bush.

629 days ago


Stacey Campfield for President in 2016!!! Finally someone speaking out and telling the gays to STFU!!! We are sick of hearing about it every day. I use to be indifferent about the gay issue, but thanks to their constant barrage of whining, complaining, attacking anyone who disagrees with them, and everything else, I am now 100% anti-gay and DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!

629 days ago


I grew up with gay people all around me, ( gay tourist artsy town and gay friends of my parents, eventually my friends ). I didnt freak out. I didnt think anything was weird. I didnt grow up gay, neither did my brothers. My schools were normal. BUT we never discussed it in school as a class. I think that is stupid. When I went to the clubs tho, women would hit on me. I took it as the same as a man hitting on me
~ All kinds of people around. It made me very accepting to all kinds of everything and you know.... ~kumbaya...

629 days ago


Stacey what a Gay name... At least he is not a Ginger 8===> 0 :

629 days ago


Part of me wants to be surprised by this but to be honest I'm not shocked by what the Senator said. What about children who are confused about their sexuality when they are little. Don't they have the right to know that they are not the only ones. I'm so sick of the discrimination and hatred homsexuals face. It is time for equality period.

629 days ago


Is he so ignorant that he has no idea how many people are physically attacked by the uh, safe straight people?

It's bigotry that's dangerous. He needs to be taken to hospitals where gays or people who are merely accused of being gay are being treated for their injuries.

He needs to talk to grieving parents whose children committed suicide because they were ruthlessly harassed by "undangerous" homophobes.

He needs to stop ramming his homophobic agenda down everyone's throats. My guess is he'll be exposed as being gay - the noisiest homophobes often are. I can't wait.

629 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Here is the latest finding, search for this on BBC for example "HIV levels in gay men 'not falling'". That's because? Their activity is dangerous? Is it because the homosexuals refuse to practice safe-sex (bareback, fisting etc.)? Is it because they cannot be safe? Sodomy is a repellent and dangerous activity no matter how much you claim you like it, some of them like cannibalism. Sodomy in Africa is to prevent/avoid pregnancy, often in rape. Same as it was for rectally Syphilitic whores in London as they trawled around the docks. I could not care less what magic sky fairy believers think, but a ban on that filthy practice seems to have been sensible. In fact, not in hurt feelings. And why was the homosexual not required to answer a single question about his practices being taught to bloody children who then feel THEY want to do it? Have any of you seen 'goatsee'? Safe? Normal? Or deranged and disgusting? And why does it spread out amongst other deranged addicts. Perhaps this filthy nonsense is addiction to dangerous activities, like needle-buzz in heroin addicts? Not a lifestyle but a perversion?

629 days ago


People don't want to hear about it every day. I cant stand to watch TMZ anymore because of Harveys constant whining. I read the gossip Harvey.

629 days ago
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