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Justin Bieber

"Bodyguard" Accused

of Threatening Shopper

2/4/2013 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125-justin-bieber-tmzA member of Justin Bieber's crew allegedly threatened a man who snapped a pic of JB Sunday night, and now police are investigating ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources ... Justin was shopping at a Best Buy in the San Fernando Valley when the adult male -- not a crazed tweener fan -- approached him and took the photo.

We're told the man claims someone in Justin's entourage -- someone he thinks is a bodyguard -- immediately, and angrily, told him to delete the photo ... which he did.

The photo opportunist -- who we're told is not a paparazzo -- felt threatened enough after the encounter that he called police ... but when LAPD officers arrived Justin and his posse were long gone.

We're told police took a report from the alleged victim, and plan to investigate his claim.

Justin's camp had no comment.


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Dealt with kids this young for years, and it's no surprise that girls of this age think he's cute, but don't underestimate young girls when it comes to being discriminating in their tastes. Lots (but not all) of 'em soon realize that's he's a fun toy, but enjoy "the moment."

628 days ago


I feel sorry for the one who would want a pic of that little punk moron. As for the bodyguard Ive never saw one yet large enough or tough enough to go toe to toe with a 45.

628 days ago


Another example of a brat kid who thinks he is God's gift to music. I'd boycott all his music for his disgusting behavior towards his fans. His fans are who MADE HIM rich and famous. What a jerk.

628 days ago

John J. Nazarian, P.I.    

It is these very same people who pay for No Talent Celebs to buy fancy sports cars that are always getting stopped by the police....Fools! 'Security Team?' Really.....all of it laughable!

628 days ago


I WOULD NOT have deleted the photo! TOO BAD STARS you think you are! If you're in a public place and if governments and people can take photos of me in public then you are no less or more important! I'll take your photo if I want to then if you dare and try taking my camera, I'd file charges against you for anything you do which would I felt would be threatening in any way, shape or form to me. BTW dingbat bodyguard, some deletes are retrievable and I hope his camera has that option!! If you don't like people taking photos of you in public, be a hermit!! You DON'T have any more right to privacy than any citizen!

628 days ago


I've already read somewhere else it's not the bodyguard it's the rapper dude lil somecrap name i don't remember who did it

628 days ago


I can't stand J.B. He's nothing but a little spoiled brat that thinks he's above the law. Some day he's going to pull one of his stupid stunts and spend time for it. That little sissy face of his will be a welcome site where he'll go. Which in my view would be GOOD RIDANCE!!

628 days ago


This boy/girl/or whatEVER the hell it is should be sent away! Just AWAY! He is disgusting with his lipstick, earrings and girly hairdo. Plus that, he can't sing worth crap! How in the world did he EVER get "popular"...?

628 days ago

What I Think    

Why does that butch lesbian need a bodyguard for in the first place? Can't she defend herself?

628 days ago


Sooner or later, one of these cases of people being threatened for taking a candid photo of a celebrity is gonna wind up going all the way to the US Supreme Court. I hope it does, cause I strongly believe they will rule it's a constitutional 1st amendment right to take photos of anyone in an open public place. After all, government on all levels; local, state and federal, already record and taking photos of everyone, everywhere. Bottom line, if the Biebitch doesn't like it, tell him to go the fu*k back to Canada.

628 days ago


This kids gonna get really ugly in the next 10 years. I cannot wait

628 days ago


Like a punk

628 days ago


Book em, Dano. If this little she-male wants to play grown-up adult, he should face the consequences of his actions ....LIKE AN ADULT. And if that means going to jail.....alrighty then.

628 days ago

el polacko    

there's no law against taking a picture of somebody who is out in public. the guy should have refused to delete the pic.

628 days ago


Mr. Bieber chose this life now he has to learn to live with it. He is not a prince. He is just foto fodder.

628 days ago
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