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Chris Brown's Attorney

Here's PROOF the D.A.

Lied About Community Service

2/6/2013 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0206-chris-brown-mark-geragosChris Brown's attorney is firing back at the District Attorney's allegation Chris, and others, lied about the completion of his 180 hours of community service ... and he's filed legal docs to prove it.

Mark Geragos filed his response to the D.A.'s scathing motion ... and claims prosecutors omitted some key facts.

In his docs, Geragos refutes the D.A.'s claim that "no human being ever witnessed" Chris performing community labor -- claiming Richmond's deputy police chief "observed Brown working very hard at cleaning the brush at the [police] stables."

Geragos' filing also includes invoices and checks indicating Chris paid $31,534.70 to the Richmond PD for providing security during his labor details -- which the D.A. claimed Chris didn't pay ... according to Geragos.

According to the documents ... Richmond PD's general counsel also sent the D.A. documents showing Chris did some of his required community service -- back in 2009 and 2010 -- at various police precincts.

Nowhere in the filing does Geragos refer to the Tappahannock Children's Center ... where Chris says he frequently performed odd jobs. The D.A. has questioned the bookkeeping of Chris' hours there because Chris' mom filled out his paperwork, and was once the director of the center.

Geragos adds in the filing ... he's just begun investigating the D.A.'s allegations, and says "what we've uncovered so far should shock the conscience of the court. And this is only the tip of the iceberg."


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So ****ing tired of hearing bout these clebs and them getting away with ****!!! All of this is old!! Who really ****ing cares bout who's in court or who's prego if it was us normal ppl nobody would care!!!

621 days ago


Geragos is a highly skilled liar. Brown is lucky to have him.

621 days ago


Don't you love it when corrupt DA's with selfish motives get so caught up in their bullsh-t.....they end up destroying themselves?
Yeah me too :D

621 days ago


California celebrity justice. Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan should have been thrown behind bars a long time ago.

621 days ago


Can someone tell me why a violent guy who beat up his girlfriend was even allowed to do his community service work at a CHILDRENS center? Why did that ever get approved in the first place???

621 days ago


I'm not from the US, but from what I see this guy is good for the economy to pay taxes. It wouldn't make logic to lock this guy up

621 days ago


Everyone is networked. Like six degrees of separation.

621 days ago


Well then, that explains everything. If his mother did his paperwork and was part of the center, than he's telling the truth, right?? WRONG.
Why is his attorney bringing up community service from 3 YEARS AGO. He has said nothing about the recent bout of community service, and if you did not do anything wrong, then why all this community service then?? What, was he bored and just decided to help people out.
Face it, his mommy covered for him, AS USUAL. That's his problem.

621 days ago


Cyber-bullies is what 98% of you are doing. The thing is you believe that it is alright. Kids, teens, and young adults are killing themselves over stuff like this. Bullying is wrong whether it is on the internet or on the playground.
Comments like the first one from Chef Jack Tripper are funny. He or she is only stating the obvious.

And understand this... Freedom of Speech / Expression is"Right to express one's ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others' character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements. Freedom of press is part of freedom of expression."

Also without Government interference. Well the government is far to busy to focus on a bunch of blogs, but if they were most of you would be in trouble. Most of the time the comments are funny, but these Chris Brown comments are just getting worse by the story.

621 days ago


Who was suppose to be supervising Chris while doing community service?. Aren't they suppose to check in and out like a job.Don't blame Chris blame the system. Who selects where they can serve it anyway if he did that is way too may privileges. That is one the problems in the judicial system why didn't he serve it in LA where he could have been monitored more closely. These officials need to get their act together that

621 days ago


Race card coming next - 5..4...3...2...

621 days ago


Wonder how much Richmond police and general counsel got paid for their testimony.

621 days ago


somebody just please take this woman beating gay basher jiggernaught out you might get a free rhianna cd

621 days ago


and in other news .. trump is sueing mayerer for being called a orangutange monkey

621 days ago


Too bad Rihanna didn't pay for her own security detail.

621 days ago
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