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Chris Brown's Attorney

Here's PROOF the D.A.

Lied About Community Service

2/6/2013 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0206-chris-brown-mark-geragosChris Brown's attorney is firing back at the District Attorney's allegation Chris, and others, lied about the completion of his 180 hours of community service ... and he's filed legal docs to prove it.

Mark Geragos filed his response to the D.A.'s scathing motion ... and claims prosecutors omitted some key facts.

In his docs, Geragos refutes the D.A.'s claim that "no human being ever witnessed" Chris performing community labor -- claiming Richmond's deputy police chief "observed Brown working very hard at cleaning the brush at the [police] stables."

Geragos' filing also includes invoices and checks indicating Chris paid $31,534.70 to the Richmond PD for providing security during his labor details -- which the D.A. claimed Chris didn't pay ... according to Geragos.

According to the documents ... Richmond PD's general counsel also sent the D.A. documents showing Chris did some of his required community service -- back in 2009 and 2010 -- at various police precincts.

Nowhere in the filing does Geragos refer to the Tappahannock Children's Center ... where Chris says he frequently performed odd jobs. The D.A. has questioned the bookkeeping of Chris' hours there because Chris' mom filled out his paperwork, and was once the director of the center.

Geragos adds in the filing ... he's just begun investigating the D.A.'s allegations, and says "what we've uncovered so far should shock the conscience of the court. And this is only the tip of the iceberg."


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Geragos is the worst example of an amoral lying s***bag scheister. He wouldn't know the truth if it dropped a deuce on his forehead.

622 days ago

TUTT ThinkTank    

Harvey, who dresses you? Does your Mom let you leave the house in the morning, dressed like that? My Grandma got more tag swag than you got. Pop some tags from this century, no more Salvation Army. Dang!

622 days ago


Wouldn't be surprised if his mom helped falsify everything...his kind of attitude has to come from being enabled his entire life

622 days ago


I think Mark Geragos is the s*** of the Earth and truly hope that he crashes and burns with this latest attempt to bully the system. F'ing LOSER!

622 days ago


Geragos and Harvey's heads are up each others @ss. So far I have seen no PROOF that the DA "charges" are false. Just a bunch of ramblings that Geragos has vomited up and that Harvey has scripted together. I don't know what really happened, and if I cared, I certainly wouldn't look here for answers. All the BS here is entertaining to say the least, but factual, hardly.

622 days ago


Anybody ever thought that maybe the DA is pissed Frank Ocean didn't press chargers so they came up with this? I think the timing is odd.

622 days ago

TMZ Loves C.B.    

TMZ X Chris Brown FOREVER!
TMZ loves riding the Chris Brown dick express any opportunity they get. If they sersiouly hate this guy why not just stop reporting on him and let him fade away out of existence? Quit shoving these dumb Chris Brown stories down our throats every time I visit your homepage.



622 days ago


Why did his hair MAGICALLY change colors?
Why doesn't he see a dentist?

622 days ago


FAR TOO MANY Chris Brown and K Kartrashcan posts!! Make it STOP.

622 days ago


We need more news

622 days ago


Even if he completed all the hours of community service, his mom should not have been the one in charge of his hours. Still doesn't prove him at 2 places at one time (cancun?) even all his other shanagans soulsent him tprion

622 days ago


Waht is it with the toothpick 'thang and these guys?

622 days ago


Chris brown is a s*** bag and Rihanna is a self destructive loser. Both of them make me want to hurl.

622 days ago


He. Worked very hard at cleaning a brush??? That $$$ was not gor security it was for paying them off!

622 days ago

Menace to society     

Let the KKK try this douche bag loser

622 days ago
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