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Chris Brown's Attorney

Here's PROOF the D.A.

Lied About Community Service

2/6/2013 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0206-chris-brown-mark-geragosChris Brown's attorney is firing back at the District Attorney's allegation Chris, and others, lied about the completion of his 180 hours of community service ... and he's filed legal docs to prove it.

Mark Geragos filed his response to the D.A.'s scathing motion ... and claims prosecutors omitted some key facts.

In his docs, Geragos refutes the D.A.'s claim that "no human being ever witnessed" Chris performing community labor -- claiming Richmond's deputy police chief "observed Brown working very hard at cleaning the brush at the [police] stables."

Geragos' filing also includes invoices and checks indicating Chris paid $31,534.70 to the Richmond PD for providing security during his labor details -- which the D.A. claimed Chris didn't pay ... according to Geragos.

According to the documents ... Richmond PD's general counsel also sent the D.A. documents showing Chris did some of his required community service -- back in 2009 and 2010 -- at various police precincts.

Nowhere in the filing does Geragos refer to the Tappahannock Children's Center ... where Chris says he frequently performed odd jobs. The D.A. has questioned the bookkeeping of Chris' hours there because Chris' mom filled out his paperwork, and was once the director of the center.

Geragos adds in the filing ... he's just begun investigating the D.A.'s allegations, and says "what we've uncovered so far should shock the conscience of the court. And this is only the tip of the iceberg."


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Lynn Sweet    

Never trust any attorney who got oj simpson off from murder......

chris brown is black trash, and rihanna is not the brightest bulb on the tree for all obvious reasons.......

602 days ago


Nobody buys these lies. Bogus and Brown will be going to jail.

602 days ago


Is Mark Geragos getting paid to be Brown PR Manager now? A "good" attorney never opens his mouth until he has all the evidence to support his statement.

602 days ago


Richmond police tell the truth? Really?

602 days ago


Throw that piece of TRASH chris brown into jail where animals belong! TRUTH!

602 days ago


Beats girlfriend. Check.
Strangles girlfriend. Check.
Slaps girlfriend.Check.
Throws bloody & bruised girlfriend out of car into a park at night in downtown LA. Check.
Beats up a (gay) singer in a parking lot dispute, & gay slurs are uttered. Check.
Involved in bloody, messy, nightclub brawl where injuries ensue among many. Check.
Has a destructive fit at NBC studios. Check.

Mark Geragos can use the word 'torture' to describe a routine LA court review...where a record of incidents for anyone else would have resulted in jail time.......and he gets free PR time on TMZ again.

Chris Brown may be talented....but, who cares anymore....he, like Charlie Sheen, has shown a propensity to physically harm women...and get away with it. Why do we celebrate such men?
Why do we bother to purchase and cater their products? It's a sad statement on all of us.

TMZ should remind us a bit more what Brown did to his GF, to Ocean, in that nightclub, at NBC studios, etc.

His GF is nothing more than a stereotypical abused woman at this point.....the future is not hard to figure out for these two.

602 days ago


Anyone who deals with him is as much of a punk bitch as he is in my book!

602 days ago

lanre ajadi    

I like the Dude!

602 days ago


Seems to me that there is definately a conflict of interest on the community service. Stupid Judge let this dirtbag go "home" to do community service that the state of California is owed. Richmond should never have been allowed to supervise this so called community service because Chris Brown owed hid debt to LA County and nowhere else! And the courts ALLOWING Chris Brown's OWN mother supervise his community service at her former place of employment (where she obviously still wields ALOT of power) is absurd! OF COURSE CHRIS BROWN IS LYING, HIS LIPS ARE MOVING!

602 days ago

Brit Tromy

602 days ago


TMZ, seriously, cut the **** with the obnoxious photos of chris trying to rile everyone up to spew more vile against chris. i always thought that perez hilton had a lot to do with britney's nervous breakdown, pushing her over the edge... you guys shouldn't be pulling this stuff trying to get the haters of chris even more vengeful. the guy will snap one day, from all this unfairness, and you'll need to take some responsibility for it.

602 days ago


Has anyone here ever done anything wrong ? You are all Pharisees, until you get caught doing even worse . Granted this guy is a jerk and a joke, but damn, you people make me sick.

602 days ago


There's also PROOF he's a violent bastard but nobody's doing anything about that.

I rest my case.

602 days ago


Considering Mark Geragos also represented Scott Peterson who murdered his pregnant wife, I don't particularly trust anything that man says.

602 days ago

Christian woman    

Wow! So many judgmental. People in this world. I pray that God will be as these people are here in this comment section. Something for y'all to.really think on. Get a grip.

599 days ago
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