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TJ Jackson

He Needs Cash

To Care for Michael's Kids

2/6/2013 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TJ Jackson
cannot continue to serve as a surrogate parent to Michael Jackson's 3 kids without getting some compensation, so the Executors of MJ's Estate are asking the judge to give TJ a reasonable amount of money to keep the ship afloat.

The Executors filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which they say TJ has been extremely devoted to Paris, Prince and Blanket since MJ's death.  TJ -- who is now a co-guardian along with Katherine Jackson -- spends 40 hours a week caring for the 3 kids. 

The Executors say it's been a hardship for TJ -- who is married with 3 kids of his own.  Although he's been a co-guardian since July, he hasn't received a single penny for his services.

The Executors are asking the judge to allow them to pay TJ $9,000 a month, retroactive to July.  They add, the way it's going now, TJ may not be able to continue, so compensation is essential.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.


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The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I will be a generous thinker on this one and consider that if the care takes away from whatever he does to earn an income, or if the children are part of his household for that time there should be some compensation; however, I think those kids come with their own hefty "care" package, so settling how much money it costs him to care for the niece and nephews he so dearly loves regardless of their worth (as if ...). My kids do pretty good in the spoiled department but what the hell kid costs $3000 to pretty much baby sit for? Everybody still wants to jump on the Michael train. I guess he thought if he bided his time no one might consider him just another Jackson vulture. $9K a month???

602 days ago


I don't see a problem. He's helping to raise two families, one is his own. Working would be hard while being a parent and parent figure in two families. I'm sure the Jacksons need a lot of time, maybe just as much as his own kids. Their father figure died, and TJ seems an apt replacement. Much better than Joe, Randy, and Jermaine would be.

If the family is fine with this, it shouldn't matter. The estate seems quite controlling, and if the Estate approves it, it's fine.

602 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

In their world $198,000 isn't much money.

602 days ago


First of all I don't for a minute believe the 40 a week story. These kids are nearly grown quite capable of dressing, feeding and caring for their selves. So what on earth would he be doing for 40 hours a week? Michael Jackson's brothers and sisters have been trying to get some of MJ's money ever since he died. This I just another ploy to get the $$!!

602 days ago


I don't understand why this is even a story, it's not unreasonable at all, considering what Katherine was getting to care for them and the fact that she spent virtually no time at all with them. You failed to mention that he essentially had to give up his career because of this and that he has been paying for things associated with their care out of his own pocket. It's really unfair for people to attempt to paint this in a negative manner. TJ is a really nice guy, one of the only Jacksons that isn't out for something. If it were about money, he would have asked for it from the get go, not waited until he realized that it was taking a toll on him financially.

602 days ago


TJ looks like an action hero

602 days ago


TJ do not need more money.

602 days ago


I read all comments and so many saying it costs to raise kids etc. If he is paying for trips to the movies or buying them clothes then of course he should be reimbursed. What exactly is the nine thousand for? If it is simply salary for helping to raise MJs kids,that's fine too but lets make sure TJ gets a 1099 and pays taxes on that nice income from this job. I think MJs estate should see what other nannies are paid for 40 hours a week in Hollywood watching out for rich kids. This man should be paid accordingly. One little question, what does this TJ do. What is his work? Has he had to quit his job to take care if these kids?

602 days ago


So $3,000 per kid per month? Really? That seems crazy to me! How could you possibly be spending that much? With that much money, You could get a really, NICE House and still have lots of money to spare. To me it seems he just wants to live a really live life off the kids money!!!

602 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

Crucifixion in the Modern Roman Empire—America—is just like the crucifixions of Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome is gone; Modern Rome is going. Michael was Crucified as i was in 1980. Historically, crucifixion was used by the Persians, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Macedonians, and the Romans against slaves, rebels, pirates—and especially, despised enemies and criminals. Crucifixion was considered a most shameful and disgraceful way to die. They would take the person, strip him of his clothes; make him carry his cross to the place of crucifixion—but it's all public. Everything is done in the public to bring about your shame. Just as i was crucified in public on Dec. 8th 1980. Those who crucify leave you in the public; and passersby would throw things at the crucified one, because once you are crucified, it's like you “deserve” that punishment. So, the people are not asking for you to come down—they are happy to see you on that cross! Michael wanted to fight the powers that were controlling him and trying to steal his legacy. He was a wise young man. What you don't understand about the enemy is that when they fear you, the first thing they must do is destroy your reputation. Then, destroy your wealth. And if you're still alive, they say Black people can have him, because he's no more; has no more money. The enemy says: “He's a broken man. You can have him now.”

See, Michael and i was much more than a man of “song and dance.” Michael was a heart that beat for the love of humanity, and this is why we had to die.

602 days ago


Let the man get paid! All the cash for Katherine to go to her moochers is unjust!

602 days ago


I think it's reasonable. Mrs. Jackson (Michael's mother) gets $75, 000 per month for the kids I read in a news article. So $9, 000 is reasonable. Michael's estate is worth 500 million 9, 000 won't be missed.

602 days ago


If this is the case the grandma's money needs to be reduced 9K. The kids are in school 6 hours a day, sleep another 8 so they are spend the bulk of the remaining time with him. Also is he is running that household and the staff that almost a full time job in itself. I have feeling 40 hours a week is an under estimate and he has the kids the bulk of the time but no one wants grandma to lose her money.

602 days ago


Well, I think it's hard to judge that 9k/mo figure when there's so many questions as to what other income these kids do had. Additionally, TJ is a CO-guardian, as far as I know Katherine is also a guardian.

It would also be helpful to know where they stay, and has TJ basically moved his family into the mansion that the kids were living in last I heard anything about them. And what about school....are they home schooled and require supervision at home along with their teacher, or are they in a regular/private school and aren't even in his care during school hours? There's only so many hours in a day anyway. Are they living in that mansion with Katherine, and what hours is he speaking of to equal 40 hours per week.

I'm just saying we don't have the details to make a decent judgement. I mean if Katherine was able to take care of the kids before, is she no longer able anymore, and if so, how much time is he really with the kids? 108k/yr is one hell of a babysitting gig!!!

602 days ago


It is nice to see a normal story about the Jacksons. Pay the man -he deserves every penny. We have not heard any controversy since he came on board. I hope the kids are getting the stability they need.

602 days ago
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