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TJ Jackson

He Needs Cash

To Care for Michael's Kids

2/6/2013 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TJ Jackson
cannot continue to serve as a surrogate parent to Michael Jackson's 3 kids without getting some compensation, so the Executors of MJ's Estate are asking the judge to give TJ a reasonable amount of money to keep the ship afloat.

The Executors filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which they say TJ has been extremely devoted to Paris, Prince and Blanket since MJ's death.  TJ -- who is now a co-guardian along with Katherine Jackson -- spends 40 hours a week caring for the 3 kids. 

The Executors say it's been a hardship for TJ -- who is married with 3 kids of his own.  Although he's been a co-guardian since July, he hasn't received a single penny for his services.

The Executors are asking the judge to allow them to pay TJ $9,000 a month, retroactive to July.  They add, the way it's going now, TJ may not be able to continue, so compensation is essential.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.


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Keep in mind that TMZ stated that the 9k/mo is his personal COMPENSATION, and not child support. So everyone flipping out saying, you don't know what it costs to raise 3 spoiled kids need to keep that in mind. This is a paycheck for services rendered, and not intended for the care of the kids....but TMZ could be missing some facts, or just plain reporting it incorrectly. Wouldn't be he first time, eh TMZ??

625 days ago


9k a month seems super low for 3 celeb kids when you compare to
halle berry's kid 20k/month
katie holme's kid 30k/month

625 days ago


I think the sum is reasonable. Extremely so. We have no idea the activities they are involved in. Clothing, haircuts and styles, shoes, food, these kids don't have to live extremely frugally their dad left a fortune behind to take care of them and TJ has put his life on hold to do it and since he has come in the picture I've read no more drama about fighting involving these kids and they seem happy. TJ has earned much respect for trying to introduce these kids to something they are not used to which is normalcy.

625 days ago


I don't know any parents who get paid for parenting. If he can't do it for free then let Katherine take over. God I can't wait for these kids to turn 18 so nobody can take advantage of them and their money.

625 days ago


Why's everyone missing the point? THIS ISN'T FOR CHILD SUPPORT - THIS IS HIS PAYCHECK FOR GUARDIANSHIP. Not that he doesn't deserve to be compensated, especially since Katherine gets 75K/MO!!!

625 days ago


Thats all its about in the first place. He was just biding his time to set up as the devoted uncle. Now he has taken his hand out of his pocket and extends it fully for major payback. So typical.

625 days ago


GET A JOB!!!!!!!

625 days ago


Do these children not get a ss check?

625 days ago


9 grand a month for MJ3 and he is also responsible for supporting his own family.
He has his own kids bills to pay also, their school, college etc , that he should be saving for .
If he is spending alot of time caring for Michaels kids, he needs the money and MJ estate is rolling in it .
He stepped up, when "whatever" was happening with Katherine.

MJ was a wonderful uncle to him ,and I hope he is repaying that , with Michaels children.
They dont need money, they need a loving person in their lives

625 days ago


They kidnapped Katherine so Tito could be a guardian and slowly put his hand in the cookie jar. Soon he'll ask for a raise, probably splits the loot with the clan.

625 days ago


It's fckin jokes 9 grand a month to raise 3 kids. Give me a fckin break! How can it cost 9 grand a month! Let me kno when u goof balls come back to reality! I support myself my gf and 2 kids on 4 grand a month! 9 grand????? Sounds like someone tryna hustle

625 days ago

boo boo    

Masterbation porn, food stamps, welfare, move to Palmdale, do that celebrity phone call thing (even though he's not a real celeb someone will pay to talk to him), do an interview with someone like Pierce Morgan and "license" some family photos, he's already tipping the paps...he'll be okay. It works for Octo!

625 days ago


Did anyone not see this coming? I am surprised that he didn't get compensated from the start, but I am not surprised at all that he is asking for money.

That money won't end after the kids turn 18 unless they say no to him, because he is going to get used to that extra cash and continue to want it.

625 days ago


okay, this is not your "Hot topic" but I am beyond disguissed with TV...Kris getting a reality show....Really, her new face job looks like there is a clothes pin compressing her nose...Is she a swimmer? Talked today to 10 one will watch her....She needs to age appropriately...and to be honest...there is no talent in that family except Bruce's accomplishments...or sorry forgot a sex tape from Kim..How can Fox or anyone else think she is talented or has earned this..l.and what is wrong with the producers of The View? Bill, her co hosting skills are that of a dumb blonde!

625 days ago


TJ is an extremely handsome young man.

625 days ago
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