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TJ Jackson

He Needs Cash

To Care for Michael's Kids

2/6/2013 6:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TJ Jackson
cannot continue to serve as a surrogate parent to Michael Jackson's 3 kids without getting some compensation, so the Executors of MJ's Estate are asking the judge to give TJ a reasonable amount of money to keep the ship afloat.

The Executors filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which they say TJ has been extremely devoted to Paris, Prince and Blanket since MJ's death.  TJ -- who is now a co-guardian along with Katherine Jackson -- spends 40 hours a week caring for the 3 kids. 

The Executors say it's been a hardship for TJ -- who is married with 3 kids of his own.  Although he's been a co-guardian since July, he hasn't received a single penny for his services.

The Executors are asking the judge to allow them to pay TJ $9,000 a month, retroactive to July.  They add, the way it's going now, TJ may not be able to continue, so compensation is essential.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.


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Just another Jackson hell-bent on mooching Michael's money so there's none left for the kids when they all turn 18

593 days ago


Who on earth needs $9K a month to take care of 3 kids especially when 2 of them are in school 35 out of the 40 hrs. a week? How was he supporting himself since last July? Why doesn’t KJ pay him from her share or reduce her share by $9K per month since she isn’t caring for them 40 hrs. a week. Prince will have his own driver’s license in a month or so. I can understand paying him $2K a month, but $9K is over the top. Now Randy and Jermaine will be hitting up TJ for money.

593 days ago


40 hrs. a week 52 weeks a year, that's about $52.00 an hour to baby sit.. Not to bad.

593 days ago

mj fan forever    

Devoted with no doubt to the MONEY he can get like EVERYONE on earth tried to get Michael Jackson's children's custody in view of all the money they could get!!! And judging by the way he is raising them like child stars without any rules he is not at all doing a sacrifice, nay.... surely he got money also from greedy unnatural mother Katherine togheter with his father who hurried to pull out of the Jacksons' plot to get Michael's money!! Of course the Estate now wants to pay him, after all it good to give money also to those who take the trouble to pretend guardians!!!!

593 days ago


$9K A MONTH???? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING FOR THESE KIDS???? Sounds to me like someone took this so-called "job" for the money.

593 days ago


More elite to join the others... Happily, the kids haven't joined the madness and here is hoping that they don't, Good looking kids.

593 days ago


The kids' needs are already paid for by the estate. Any money he's spending for the kids is beyond what they "need" & should be considered his own responsibility.

These kids are cash cows to the greedy Jackson/Jacksun family... just like Michael always was.

It's all bout money with this whole greedy family.... money to siphon off. And it was reckless & vindictive for Michael to use his money as a weapon to create divisions in his family while he was alive & worse after he died & left this nightmare for his children to deal with for the rest of THEIR lives.

593 days ago


The $9K is TJ's salary for his time only. He doesn't buy, pay or spend a dime of the $9K on the kids. They get their own monthly allowance and Katherine gets her own monthly allowance. All vacations the kids take along with whoever they take along is paid by the Estate and does not come from their monthly allowance. For $9K a month, TJ drives the kids to school and back, he's is in charge of the chef, housekeeper and outside maintenance people. Blanket is home schooled. TJ has his own home not far away. The Estate pays for the gas, electric, trash collection, taxes, home lease payment, homeowners insurance, automobiles, security payroll, alarm system, water bill, phone bill, etc. Katherines and the 3 kids allowance covers food, clothes, entertainment, hair dresser, etc. Katherine pays her secretary out of her allowance. All this is do***ented in the annual Estate accounting record made public every year.

593 days ago


Wow....Michael, is that you? Lol

593 days ago


It's also a fair deal, TMZ. TJ is actually taking care of the children. The Estate lawyers see that this is fair.

593 days ago


Take the money away from Katherine. She can't even protect the kids from money grubbing Joe.

593 days ago


that is amazing and heartening that he is only asking for that amount to care for 3 kids... I would have expected a huge amount, to try to gouge the estate, but it seems he really cares about the kids, not the money...what a blessing those kids have in someone who really cares

593 days ago


They're looking like their father more each day.

593 days ago


not his kids no way

593 days ago


he should be paid the money, kathrine is getting alot of money and they arent even with her.

593 days ago
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