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Anderson Cooper

Christopher Dorner Sent Me

Bullet-Riddled Coin

2/7/2013 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Before his shooting spree ... Christopher Dorner sent CNN anchor Anderson Cooper a parcel, containing a note, a DVD, and a coin riddled with bullet holes -- so says Cooper.

Cooper just tweeted about the package, saying he only learned today the package was sent to him.

According to CNN, the package was delivered to Cooper's assistant on February 1st -- and contained a hand-labeled DVD with a sticky note that read "I never lied." Wolf Blitzer said the note appeared to refer to when Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008.

It also contained a coin wrapped in duct tape, which was inscribed with "Thanks but no thanks, Will Bratton." Bratton served as the LAPD Chief until 2009. The coin was also inscribed with the initials "IMOA," which typically stands for "Imagine a More Open America."

The coin -- reportedly given by the LAPD as a souvenir -- was riddled with bullet holes.

As we reported, Dorner posted a rambling message on his Facebook shortly before his alleged shooting spree, in which he's accused of killing three people, including one police officer.

In the message, Dorner includes Anderson Cooper in a list of journalists whom he admires, saying, "Keep up the great work."


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Phishie from Philly    

Anderson Cooper just released what Dorner wrote to Larry David, Tebow & Charlie Sheen below;
To Larry David, you are an older Seinfeld, Tebow, you wish you were Seinfeld, and Charlie sheen, see you soon!
Phishie from Philly

592 days ago

Ozzie X    

Ok you are gay. Let's get over the fact and move on like the other gay public figures.

592 days ago


This story reminds me a little of that movie starring Michael Douglas called "Falling Down" except it involves an ex-military former LAPD cop instead of a laid off nerdy guy from LA who got totally ticked off at "the system" and society, etc.

592 days ago


Tmz this is way to serious. If I want real news I will go to real news. I want bs about the latest crisis in celebworld. So I come to the primo spreader of celeb manure...tmz. I say this with upmost respect to your talents-and your narcs-to keep us informed. If you are going to dabble in real world news then warn the population in LA that their cops are trigger happy due to being nervous about being targeted by a Navy marksman and could shoot anyone like they did two innocent women delivering newspapers. Fortunately LA gangs shoot better than LA cops.

592 days ago


and it didnt take him long to sensationalize it and post it all over the to give the killer attention.then when another one happens they will blame guns,movies and video games but never to love the stupid media

592 days ago


he supports the gays and gay marriage the liberal media will make him out to be a victim watch

592 days ago


He really should pick off a few of you stupid a** bigots! He would then be known as a hero against narrow minded freaks!

592 days ago


"1MOA" Means One minute of Angle and is a shooting/surveying term. I never heard of the coin.

592 days ago


And he sat on Anderson coopers face

592 days ago


Sounds like LAPD is much like most police forces. Lots of corruption, cover ups and dishonesty.

An independent review of LAPD is needed I think. Unfortunately every independent review I have ever heard of has always found gross corruption and dishonesty in police forces.

It sounds like this man was bullied and railroaded out of the the LAPD and his job. This is very serious because as we can see it can send people to either suicide/self harm or violence against others.

592 days ago


cnn and andersn will show this over and over and over and over future crazies the idea that if they do this they will be famous as well.then they will do it.then cnn and anderson will blame guns and video games.its never the media who gives these people attetion and sensationalizes them.

592 days ago


I bet Dorner is in a van with a bunch of fuel tanks, food and water and he won't need to even pull into a gas station until he is half way across the country.

If you read his manifesto, you can see that he knows all the things that the cops are likely to do to catch him. He's not stupid.

592 days ago


sounds like a man set up to get fired and now is exacting revenge.....

592 days ago


...Judge's shouldn't be able to hind behind judicial immunity and think they are untouchable because they know their colleagues will rarely find them guilty of any inappropriate behavior and that few people have time, money or knowledge to appeal to a higher court, which is also often futile...judicial immunity is meant for judges who make good faith mistakes, not for judges who intentionally and consistently ignore the facts and the law to serve their own agendas and biases.

592 days ago

Shouldn't throw stones u live in a glass house    

Dorner was served set up by a corrupt police force the LAPD is the most corrupt of them all him trying to keep himself out of trouble with the corruption in the force has cost him everything he ever worked for I do not condone the murders he commited and should be severely punished for what he did especially murdering an officer but if the corruption was ever addressed in the LAPD he would not have been taken away from everything he worked for that drove a man over the edge everything involved here is unjust the way police departments these days treat there own is unspeakable and all departments need to be accountable to what they do to people who dedicate there lives to them more importantly god bless the victims the LAPD should be held responsible

592 days ago
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