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Lindsay Lohan

Doing Penthouse

2/8/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is NOT slumming it in NYC ... quite the opposite, she's livin' pretty in a penthouse.

There are reports out Lindsay is living at her mom Dina's Long Island home, but it's not true. We've learned she's staying at her friend's SoHo apartment. The friend is letting Lindsay stay there rent free until she finds a place of her own.

And the friend hasn't set any deadlines for moving.

Good thing it's rent free, 'cause Lindsay should save her cash so she can pay Shawn Holley ... at least that's what we think.


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haahhahaha Dlisted your rock.

Chateau de Delusion Might Go Into Foreclosure

"Why don't I just flash you real quick and we can pretend like this never.... Wait, why are your running away while scratching at your eyeballs? Take these papers with you!!!!" is probably what White Oprah screamed at a process server yesterday when he dropped off foreclosure notice papers. Both Radar and The New York Post says that a process server dropped off very important court do***ents at the Lohan family house on Long Island yesterday. The fat-mouthed process served told a reporter for the Post that the do***ents were for a mortgage issue with Chase bank. Radar says that this isn't the first time White Oprah is in danger of losing the Lohan family crack house and that she's almost $1 million in debt. That gurgling in my stomach isn't from the Oreo and protein powder shake I had for breakfast. It's from thinking of that Steve dude from Vivid offering LiLo and White Oprah $1 million to do mother/daughter porn.

Radar also says that LiLo moved into her old bedroom at White Oprah's house, because her credit sucks and she can't even afford to rent a storage closet in the Bronx. But some source (FYI: in real talk, "some source" translates into "Dina Lohan") tells TMZ that LiLo isn't shacked up in her old bedroom. LiLo is putting the SO? and HO in SoHo, because she's living rent-free in a friend's SoHo penthouse. The friend is letting her stay there for free until she can get her own place and is letting her live there for as long as she wants.

I really can't hate on LiLo's hustle. Whenever I give a lazy handjob and a half-assed blow job, I get pushed out of the car. But when LiLo does it, she gets to live in a SoHo penthouse for free! I wonder if her friend is still going to consider himself a friend of hers when he shows up to his penthouse and finds that she's taken everything including the faucets and that she's been renting the place to the leaders of an underground sex ring for twice as much.

619 days ago


Oh and I forgot the best. Her temper tantrum at the SM5 set and she clogged the toilet. Classless ex Disney "star" brat.

619 days ago


as the guy mentioned on Radar..lindsay can get a library card and hang out with her fellow homeless..where I live the churches feed them and house then "saint francis house" but have alot of rules NO DRINKING Out by 6am in by 7pm..I think that is more then she deserves

619 days ago


Since Blohan has a 'rent free' squat, Nana has her place, and Milo Jr. has his studio apt., who goes where? Who gets the 'super model', who gets the 'semi pro surfer' and who's drawing the short straw and gets Mother SLAG?

619 days ago


Hide your valuables, Lindsay's here! Next chapter, lawsuits over missing watches, jewelry, furs... The penthouse's owner had better get some good insurance, if they can, because Lindsay is a walking natural hazard.

619 days ago


House of cards.......Lielo bridge is falling down,falling down,falling down...that bitch is nasty.....wonder how much max misses her now...she should of stayed with Uncle terry they have their own sleeze level

619 days ago


I was catching up on my Facebook and the ROL link to that story where she was living back in her bedroom, it just said, "Oh Lindsay! When will it end?!!!"

619 days ago


This guy will so regret letting her stay there if even for just one day.

Stuff will go missing. The place will be a mess. And when he gives her sh*t she'll give him attitude. The carpets will have burns from butts and the smell. And let's not forget she will block the toilet.

He will regret it.

619 days ago


the guy could have fun with it..have lots of cactus,hide her vaneers,superglue her wig to a live animal,switch her coke for laxative,switched the vodka for actual water,leave lots of worthless jewelry out....

619 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan ‘Begged’ Pal To Lend Her NYC Pad — Was ‘Humiliated’ By Reports Of Living With Mom!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013 @ 11:16AM | By jenheger


Lindsay Lohan was so “humiliated” after reports broke that due to her dire financial situation she had been forced to live at home with mom, Dina Lohan in Long Island, New York, that she begged a wealthy pal to let her temporarily crash at their New York apartment, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Lindsay moved back into the family house – taking the same small bedroom next to her mom’s, she had during her teens – because : “She’s flat-out broke and can’t even afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood,” an insider said, adding the Liz & Dick star wouldn’t be able to pass a credit check or come up with the cash for a deposit at this time (

“Lindsay was absolutely mortified and humiliated over the reports she was living back at home with Dina,” a source tells Radar. “She was thoroughly embarrassed that people knew how bad her finances are and exactly how broke she is. She immediately begged a friend to let her crash at their apartment in Soho. It’s only a matter of time though before Lindsay wears out her welcome, as inevitably always happens, because she is a total slob and smokes like a chimney . She is still trying to get her own place, but she’s totally broke , and has beyond horrible credit — right now, she probably couldn’t even get a library card. Lindsay’s bank accounts are still frozen by the IRS because she owes almost $300k in back taxes.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Lindsay found a new free of charge crash pad just in time!

As previously reported , the 26-year-old and her mercurial mom , 50, were served by Chase Bank on Thursday, informing them of intent to foreclose on the family’s $1.3 million Long Island mansion. The process server told the NY Post that the delivery was in regards to a mortgage issue involving the cash-strapped show biz family.

Dina’s financial problems have been well-chronicled throughout the years, as the show biz parent, who is reported to be more than $1 million in the red, was previously on the brink of foreclosure both last year, and in 2005.

The mother and daughter duo clashed last fall over $40,000 Lindsay loaned Dina to dodge the bank repossessing the home.

619 days ago


You can live with me Lindsey.

619 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    




619 days ago


I hope this year is full of riches to rags stories for Lindslo the bimbo, and this becomes the most humiliating year for her yet!

619 days ago


if I was the land lord my first rule for her living there is,that bitch cant live here or come on the property,next I would file a no treaspassing..then I would evict his stupid ass for even thinking about it

619 days ago


Just a check in,
been gone for a while to busy and to sick, in life as will as this story.....and when I come back to check in after see the Lohan shyt spinn story last night I see nothings changed...... Gotta say those pictures of her at that what function were awlful.....eyes so glazed and dazed ...she was flying higher then a jumbo jet....Those nasty roots on that head were the extension were attached looked fo greasy and dirty and Lord knows her mouth was so puffed up it look like a female Babooms ass in heat. !!! and spotty like herpy scabs under the lipstick........
But the reporter calling her date? a ,"Persian film Producer" had me rolling in laughter....the word Persian hasn't been used in about a 100 yrs and sounds better then a Arab producer which they were trying to cover up... that she is whoring for all the rich Arab millionares she can ....that will pay her ....Isn't this the Mr Pink guy for who's apartment she's staying in SoHo.....remember her old friend the artist that kicked her out after his ex wife found out she was staying with him.....if I remember right among his various apartemnt in Hollywood , NYC and over seas their was listed a artist loft in SoHo.....interesting isn't it..............and he is a "old friend"................
Lastly got o laugh at the Sudden up shot of Lohan storys on Access and Extra.(both owned by the same mother company) right after Dina and Lindsay spent a week in Hollywood home of that mother company's owners......can anybody say " squeezing the balls" Dina much have got a handful......and gave a mightly squeeze.................
I've seen a shive that has less holes then the Lohan ship of fools.......

619 days ago
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