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Charlie Sheen's Plea

Christopher Dorner ...


2/9/2013 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen
wants to do his part to bring ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner into custody safely ... so he's recorded a video plea asking the wanted man to call him to talk things out.

Dorner -- who is accused of killing three people including a cop -- mentioned a number of celebs in his online "manifesto," and wrote about Sheen, "Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome."

Sheen recorded the message to Dorner yesterday, saying, "You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words. I am urging you to call me. Let's figure out together how to end this thing."

Dorner is still currently at large.


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Something tells me that this man should have never lost his job in the first place. I believe he was wrongly terminated and it has caused him some major psychological issues as a result. I applaud Charlie Sheen for all of the good things that he does. I do not for one second believe that he is a bad man in any way, he just made a few bad life choices. The type of aggression that he is known to show is a result of all the crack he had smoked. It makes you completely selfish and enraged. Once that gets into your system, it is very hard to break away from. He is an addict and it is a serious problem. At this point, it's not that he wants to use, it's that he feels he NEEDS to use. So please, don't be negative towards him for trying to help this situation end, just put your hopes and prayers that this man does the right thing and turns himself in and while you at it instead of being negative about Charlie, just say a little prayer for him too to overcome his bad habits once and for all.

619 days ago


Nice try Charlie but is he just going to find a phone book in the middle of no where, look up Charlie's number (I'm sure it's in there under Sheen or maybe Estevez) and give you a call . If it's that easy I will give you a call.

619 days ago


Hopefully, Dorner will make the call before anyone else gets killed by him, or overzealous cops. Charlie, as always, I applaud your desire to help.

619 days ago


I think this is a bad idea. All these celebrities giving this guy attention. I think giving these idiots that go around shooting people any media is stupid. But now the next next nut job thinks if he goes and shoots a couple people he will be able to meet charlie sheen or whoever. the other day tmz was blasting selena gomez for letting "fake" fans into her ride, saying it will cause more problems. why is this no different???

619 days ago


Charlie is a cool guy. Seems like he has a good heart.
He makes me glad I never got into the hard partying though. He is only 45 and looks much older.

619 days ago


wow just what a narcissist needs. another douchebag celeb giving him attention.

619 days ago


Charlie sheen may have his personal demons but i admire him as a human being. He is probably one of the most generous people in hollywood

619 days ago


U applaud a drunk coked out man whore? Wow...

619 days ago

Christy Polly    

I read his manifesto, I am sorry for this guy that he has killed 3 people to make a point, but, I used to date a few police officers and firemen and they do take pics to see who has the nastiest crime scene of the night, so who know, maybe the rest is true too. CALL CHARLIE and turn yourself in!

619 days ago


Didn't realize Charlie is listed... how do you expect him to call you?!

619 days ago


Nice of Charlie - and a sincere attempt to help.

However, if I'm right.

-Dorner's been dead now, oh, about 30 hours.

A new idea/plan -

-No one ever finding his body.

So at least the guy bought a-fresh-idea to the table

... I'll give Dorner that much.

What you don't wanna do out here - is bore us.

619 days ago


@ Charlie:

Hey Charlie I sent an "Anger Management" treatment to all your people - Marty sent it back six seconds later only I don't think it took him that long.

100 fresh episodes - material that deserves only you - material you can kill but no one'll help a negro out!!!

619 days ago


Charlie that's a good thing your trying to help, but yes a contact number is needed,doesn't have to your number just a number.

619 days ago


@ Charlie p.s.

Marty's note back to me:

"I'm very sorry, Mr. Nofsky, but Mr. Sheen is no longer interested in Ivy League University-trained comedy writers."

619 days ago


It takes crazy to handle crazy.

619 days ago
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