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Chris Brown

Earns Award for

Worst Grammy Weekend

2/11/2013 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown had another Grammy weekend filled with drama -- but at least no one was arrested this time ... or beaten. Baby steps.

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Hate him

619 days ago


It's a shame that these "Super Stars" quickly forget where they came from.

619 days ago


stop hating TMZ

619 days ago


is there an award for biggest hater?

619 days ago

psycho nurse    

Idk what went down with him and the Ocean dude, nor do I consider myself a CB fan...however, with that being said, after suffering through Ocean's Forest Gump (wtf?!) Grammy performance- I am baffled Ocean dude beat out CB for the Grammy! I mean come on, haters aside, CB can sing.

619 days ago


I think the best part of the Grammy's Frank Ocean wiped the floor with this Violent Criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!

619 days ago


No cape but you Fanooks at TMZ need to get off the side line and experience life on the front line.

619 days ago


tmz makes its money pointing at others' ****. hypocrites!

as if they would applaud and stand up for a person they had a fight with some days before. this would be even less classy than remaining seated.

chris brown and justin bieber are the new hate objects for tmz... and i wouldn't wonder if tmz photogs were involved in the bieber chase and there comes the hate from....!?

619 days ago


Seriously Tmz stop harassing CB he has done nothing but be a young adult like everyone else who has made mistakes I normally never respond to these things but you guys are being spiteful and ridiculous. Frank Ocean Sucked last night and he can't sing did you miss all of those awful notes last night. And let's just say he only beat out CB because he played the sympathy card. And let's not forget CB would have done a much more eventfully and worthy of watching performance. And for all that say they hate or don't like him you don't know him at all and if you hate someone you don't know you have a problem and you need help! He is living his life mistakes/ sins is what Jesus allowed us to have so if you have a problem with his sins shall we take a look at yours because the only one fit to judge is Jesus Christ Thank you. And him and Rihanna can be together if they want stay out of there private lives and get a life. There human and are allowed there own paths if you don't like it go and read a book and stay out of there business P.S there performers so focus on there music not there personal lives people remember like we used to do back in the day when musicians ****ed up but no one cared because it was about there talents All in all Shut Up tmz and Mean People

619 days ago


Hahaha wow it's really, really, really, really, really getting under the skin of certain TMZ staff members that Rihanna refuses to allow them to control her and dictate her life.
Rihann'a gained my respect particularly over the last few months.
While TMZ staff members, particularly two male staff members who have shown us they have deep desire to control women, do everything they can to try and dictate to Rihanna how to live...she continues to hold her middle finger up to them :D
As I said, gaining my respect.
Like most women who tend to be abusive, or simply simply disrespectful and rude, Rihanna knows the part she played in the negative areas in the relationship.
Like many such women, she did the right thing, matured a bit, went back to the good man she was with, and improved the relationship.
Good for her, my respect. Peace ;)

619 days ago



619 days ago


Harvey secretly wants to be beaten into submission by Chris.

619 days ago


TMZ your hate is a waste of time and energy I heard Chris Brown don't even read your news or watch it on TV he know its bad enough that you guys follow him around all day just leave the kid alone

619 days ago


What bum reporting.


GOD loves Chris... For those that hate him, with GOD'S love - your hatred is a non-factor.

619 days ago


Damn TMZ.... I think you need a time out from the CB stories. Each one is more pointless than the last. Geez... Lay off will you.

619 days ago
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