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Black Keys Drummer

Bieber Doesn't


2/11/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has no business winning Grammys -- at least according to a guy who cleaned up at the award show last night ... Patrick Carney from The Black Keys.

Patrick was swarmed by fans outside Chateau Marmont when we asked if Bieber should feel snubbed -- seeing as how he didn't get a single Grammy nomination this year -- and he simply said, "He's rich, right?"

Then the Keys' drummer threw a major jab, adding ... "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

He might have a point -- Justin's never won a Grammy, and does seem pretty happy ... with his Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and such.

The Black Keys took home 4 Grammys last night -- and probably aren't hurting in the money department either.

By the way, you gotta hear what Patrick has planned for his riches.


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Remember the jazz musician who beat Bieber back in 2011 for best new artist? She won another two grammy's last night.

588 days ago


LoL. The poor award. For talent but no looks.

588 days ago


The Grammys have become a joke. I honestly hate when they let a committee vote on who's better. Since when does a group of people speak for everyone. Personally I like when America it self decides since they are the people who listen to the music.

588 days ago


Im no fan of bieber ( cant stand the little snot nosed punk) but who the hell does this ugly loser think he is to say who does and does not deserve a grammy or any other award?

588 days ago


85% of idiots voted money, cause they are too stupid to realize that when you win grammys, you definitely have money and lots of it.
Now you guess why you don't have ****?

588 days ago


Ironic because the black keys don't deserve a Grammy either, seeing as how much they suck.

588 days ago


Are you guys f**king retarded! You wouldnt know good music if it hit you in the face! The Black Keys are a amazing talented rock band who have over 8 records been around for over 10 years perform to sell out crowds and are just getting bigger Ooh ya they must suck because Johnny Depp performed with them at the mtv awards last year and is a huge fan you guys are a bunch of bieber f**king losers black keys earned those awards cause they write REAL music idiots

588 days ago


This guy is 100% right. Music is crap now. Bieber isn't a musician. No talent.

588 days ago


ten years in a rocky horror show band to take a ploop on the toletta is like 50 lifetimes to a rocker? rock was dead in 1973.At least dah kid is makin money for the industry the black keys never were and will never be a show a hit or have sells or even be a under ground real artistes movement.I would`nt watch them if you payed me.dah kid draws the girls which lov him like the old kiss band movement.The grammy are awards given to them selfs for sells UP ON CRIPPLE CREEK was a kilroy code for die and muder inc`er-ss and still is

588 days ago


Bieber sucks. But the Black Keys have no room to talk. All there tunes sound the same. Gone are the days of great music

588 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I love the Black Keys but seriously lets not act like you aren't rich either. Justin doesn't have any songs that are Grammy worthy is the correct answer to the question.

588 days ago


I lived UP ON CRIPPLE CREEK placed there by the hollywood mofia until they burn that safe house down killing my cop body guard by shot gun and burns.I lived,that was the 1960...s kill off cover age and that mob`ss is still in place doin the same olt sheits and giggles murder inc`ing`ss

588 days ago


holly wood would kill thier own mothers for a fix and do have and still are.ART starts in movements like the delta movement which is rock and roll which started by the public not some fake brits yapping for the studio brasses,hollywood isn`t art it si money money moneys and anyone in the way gets killed off same tons of them in the dirt ripped and covered off even any witnesses get the MJ send off

588 days ago


burned shot stabbed muti times run down and over by the industry killing thier own big fish eats little howard hughes`s fishies sleep

588 days ago


Bieber is only 18, i know The Little Bastard will Win a GRAMMY one day, Let's all hope is the LEAST important GRAMMY meaning THE COLLABORATION GRAMMY, The one You Win because of other people, lol, Chris Brown should've never Won a GRAMMY and i think The Beautiful and Talented Katy Perry should become a GRAMMY-AWARD-WINNER....

588 days ago
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