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Christopher Dorner


Through Dental Records

2/14/2013 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Christopher Dorner is dead ... officially ... now that officials say they have POSITIVELY identified the killer's remains.

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. released a statement saying, "The charred human remains located in the burned out cabin in Seven Oaks have been positively identified to be that of Christopher Dorner."

Officials say he was identified through dental records.

Dorner died in a remote cabin in Big Bear, CA -- where he engaged police in an intense gun battle. Dorner shot and killed one cop in the firefight and wounded another.

Cops had been chasing Dorner for days after he allegedly killed 3 people earlier in the month, including another police officer.


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559 days ago


He was BBQ'd live in the winter snow.......LAPD torched him....:.up

559 days ago


We will never know the truth, law enforcement saw to that. I find it strange how no one is questioning how they found the mans wallet and drivers license in san diego, and then days later they miraculously found the mans wallet and drivers license in a cabin that burned to the ground, so badly burned that the body inside could only be identified by dental records.. and an already found wallet and drivers license survived the fire. also no one mentions the 1 million dollar reward that the LAPD is no reneging on because the reward was for the "capture and conviction"... he's dead so... the reward does not apply. oh no, nono. make no mistake about this... chris dorden was not meant to survive this. and we are not meant to know the truth.

559 days ago

gramt williams    

I believe now the arrests can begin for all the innocent people shot and violated on their way to cover up the real problem.... Inside the lapd . If the Feds don't come and clean this garbage can out this will happen again . There is no way that justice should be issued on the street when we... The taxpayers are paying them to do their job not execute our citizens. If this is the way it is you could be next what do you think about that? I don't support Doners tactics but I would want him under the same laws as you and me and he wasn't he was intentionally bar b qued . This is ****ed up

559 days ago


I hate this f'n country.... Its full of bloodthirsty, heartless morons who have lost all understanding of liberty. We've morphed into a police state with militarized law enforcement (thanks to NDAA) and where people watch police murder people on live TV like its entertainment. Police shoot first at innocent civilians and people still believe cops are the "good guys". WAKE THE HELL UP!! Our president has a kill list for crying out loud!! This country is beyond disgusting... :(

559 days ago


For all the hipsters/vigilante lovers/ django fans saying "Uhhh what ever happened to due process? He was a hero. RIP chris dormer" You need to know your justice system a little better and realize what this man did. If a man is a threat to society, police have the right to kill. He killed innocent people. The reason so many people are supporting him is because they don't like the mainstreams facts on him. Facts people.

559 days ago


If you hate this country, our president, and our law enforcement so much why don't you morons MOVE!!! Go see how the rest of the world is governed. This fat ex-cop was a PoS and he died a PU$$Y snitch.

559 days ago


burn in HELL also, i hope

559 days ago


We now know that the city of LA will not Pay the reward for Donor, But will the city of LA or the city in which the Cabin was in will Pay the owner to Rebuild, or will the owner have to fight with Insurance?

559 days ago


If he would've killed Casey Anthony only, and not innocent people, I think the public would've supported him.

559 days ago


Folks that are voting comments down either work for the LAPIGD or any police departments, GOV shills,TMZ or sheeple. They don't want the truth to get out.

559 days ago


They should charge LAPD with the murders

559 days ago


Thank the good Lord that he is dead. He lost me when he killed someone's daughter and her fiancé. They had nothing to do with his firing. If he had an issue with her father, let the chips fall where they may, man to man. His daughter? No! That was some punk ass **** right there :(

559 days ago


I have no doubt this man feels he was wronged. He probably was wronged some of the time. The thing is, he felt wronged by almost every institution he was involved in, starting from grade 1 (in his own words).

I also think there is corruption in the LAPD ... corruption is everywhere. There were also some glaringly obvious mistakes made in this manhunt. I do think there will be many investigations because of this unfortunate and tragic event, but PLEASE DO NOT CALL DORNER A HERO.

However, I will not judge those of you who are calling him a hero right now. I think it is due to lack of information as well as thinking this man who killed innocent people did so for the good of mankind. I think he did it for selfish reasons - revenge. He was obviously not of sound mind to some degree.

There are all sorts of stories coming out about Dorner. Again, I urge people be patient and read as much as possible about this man before you publicly proclaim him a hero.

559 days ago


This was such a set up. Dorner knew of the corruption and lies. Using Drones on our own soil? He was eliminated. Plain and simple. Anybody disagrees your as much blind as you are dilusional. BITCHES...

559 days ago
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