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Oscar Pistorius

Breaks Down Crying in Court

2/15/2013 5:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Oscar Pistorius wept openly in court today in South Africa as a judge charged him with the Valentine's Day murder of his model girlfriend. 

Pistorius -- a double amputee track star who competed in last summer's Olympics -- held his hands over his face and sobbed as the prosecution said it would bring a charge of "premeditated murder."

The bail hearing was postponed at the request of both the prosecution and the defense and the case was adjourned until Tuesday. Pistorius will remain in custody until then.

Pistorius' lawyer did not squarely say his client did not shoot GF Reeva Steenkamp, saying, "The alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms."

It appears the defense will center around perceived self-defense -- believing Steenkamp was an intruder.  In fact, on November 27 -- 3 months before Steenkamp was shot -- Pistorius went on twitter to talk about shooting an intruder:  "Nothing like getting home to hear the washing machine on and thinking its an intruder to go into full combat recon mode into the pantry! waa."

Jenna Edkins, who claims to have been an on-again off-again girlfriend of Pistorius' over the last 5 years, tweeted, "NOT ONCE has he EVER lifted a finger to me or made me fear for my life."

Steenkamp was a 26-year-old model who was about to make her reality television debut.


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513 days ago

Violent Pope    

Enjoy prison s***bag.

513 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Nice job everyone on covicting this guy even though none of you have any evidence to make an efucated decision one way or another.Reading some of these posts reminds me of how much ignorant hate is out there. Maybe next time, wheigh the available facts and form an educated opinion. Jeesh

513 days ago

Roman Moroni    

LOSER! throw him in the POKEY!

513 days ago



513 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

He should of just did the 9mm salute, that spineless coward. I, hope they take away those expensive fake legs and let him drag himself on the floor, like they guy in the streets of Bangkok.

513 days ago


How are you people making all these negative comments and assumptions when you don't even know what happened? This happened 2 days ago and as far as I know, none of you were there....lol. I guess if the police tell you something is true, it must be. No point in having a trial or anything, right?

513 days ago


Another example of why guns should be banned everywhere. Stupid....stupid...stupid....

513 days ago


I think it is very possible he shot her because of mistaken identity. Friends of the victem and former g.f's of his have said there was never any hint of domestic violence.

513 days ago

Lynn M    

Innocent until proven guilty. Stop convicting people in the press.

513 days ago


Should we offer him a Kleenex? I'm sure he laughed when he got back to his cell. Intruder my ass. You shoot an intruder once, maybe twice. Four times and in several different areas? Yeah, I don't think so. He had more than enough time to recognize her. Of course being that he shot her at close range, I'm sure he knew it was her ;). She was so beautiful but what impressed me the most was learning that she went to Law School. So sad that she had everything and lost it all because she dated a loser. He can go straight to hell.

513 days ago


Steenkamp was a 26-year-old model who was about to make her reality television debut.

tisk tisk TMZ Steenkamp wasnt 26 get the facts straight ... Harvey lay off the late party nights

513 days ago

BB not bb    

Yeah well the New York Post tells a different tale. An ex-girlfriend said he treated her so bad that she vowed she wouldn't tell any more about it. She said he is not what he seems to people. They said he slammed an ex-girlfriend in a door and the charges were dropped. He complained when another man with prosthetic legs beat him in a race, even though he has the same thing that people complain about.

I think he is kind of spoiled and has no self control. I think he gets jealous of people and goes off. I don't think if you have a girlfriend with a key to your house, you are going to just shoot someone without asking who it is first.

They were heard arguing beforehand. It is best not to argue with a nut. The girl seemed very nice. She only knew him for a few months. She probably didn't know what she was dealing with.

513 days ago


None of know what really happened, as we weren't there. I do know a Father in CT mistakenly shot his Son when he thought he was an intruder, so it CAN happen (although if Pistorius shot his girlfriend on purpose, I'll be the first to say he should absolutely go to Jail).

513 days ago


Looks like TMZ is biased in favor of Pistorius. Reports are that police were called to his home 2 hours before the shooting, neighbors heard yelling before the shooting, and she was shot multiple times through a bathroom door. They wouldn't have already charged him with premeditated murder if they thought there was any chance of it being an accident.

513 days ago
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