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Backtracks Poorly

from Britney Spears Slam

2/17/2013 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


is trying to distance herself from the comments she made about Britney Spears on the new song, but her argument just doesn't make any sense.

Eve was a guest on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" last week ... where she questioned whether Britney really provided the British-accented voice on "Scream & Shout." Britney's people called Eve's claim "absolute BS."

Today in DC, our photog asked Eve about her comments, to which she replied, "I didn't say anything about her singing. I said something about her British accent. We know it's Britney Spears singing the song. I never said anything."

Here's the thing though ... if you listen to the song -- which unfortunately we did -- 90% of Britney's appearance on the song is the British accent. She only "sings" for a few seconds at best. 

The whole song is just a giant, auto-tuned mess anyway ... so really, who cares?


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I think that Eve was right. When i first heard the song. I didn't think Brit did the British part until I tried to find out who did that part and only Brit kept popping up.

615 days ago


Who is EVE?

615 days ago


A dis is a dis, next time do it on wax eve

615 days ago


Hater bitch. Crawl back under your bridge, Eve. The 2 second more of fame you added to your Swatch by mentioning Britney Spears name are up.

615 days ago


i love that song

615 days ago


Eve is a hater just like 60% of the people here. Britney's part doesn't even sound autotuned. And for the morons talkig about her singing live, have to seen her recent tour? Educate before you talk **** people

615 days ago


So who cares?? obviously you care alot TMZ cause you ran over to eve to ask her.. then you ran and wrote an article about it.. so you care

615 days ago


Let's see, EVE has Won The LEAST important GRAMMY, Meaning The Collaboration GRAMMY and We all Know it was because of Gwen Stefany did the Song with her and EVE has Sold only 8 Millions Records, BRITNEY Won a Real GRAMMY and has Sold OVER 200 Million Records....................Shut Up EVE !

615 days ago


For the weirdos who keep asking who is Eve. You really must not know anything about music if you don't know who Eve is. To refresh people's memories. Eve is a Grammy award winning rapper, the first lady of Ruff Ryders (DMX, Swittz Beats) she was also featured on Gwen Stefanie's Rich Girl and another song called let me blow your mind (Eve, Gwen Stefanie, Dr. Dre). So stop asking who is Eve. Smh.

615 days ago


Lmao did anyone even watch the show on bravo on what she said ? She simply said what she heard and what other people are saying. And for those of you who don't know who eve is, please have several seats right now! The comments kill me on this website, it's so sad that it's 2013 and somehow race has to be mentioned when that shouldn't matter at all . You racist ****s need to get a life and stop making every situation somehow relatable to race!

615 days ago


Who is she/he. Again?

615 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

erm it's just some vocal stylings, doesn't even sound 'British' to me. Eve should make some of her own songs instead of talking trash.

615 days ago


Isn't she that flat nosed hair lip female "rapper" from that failed Ruff Ryder group? Where is DMX? Out of jail yet? Anyways what did she sing to win a Grammy for? Collaborating with actual talented singers? She is a vulture. Takes any morsel celebs with toss at her. Not a fan of Britney's but girl can run stacks of hundreds around Eve and smack her on the forehead with a Forbes magazine and laugh in her face. Nice try Eve. You were relevant 20 years ago. Fade away with some dignity.

615 days ago

DJ Blur    

Go google " Confirms Tulisa Originally Wrote 'Scream And Shout'" ...

615 days ago


I'm still waiting for the day when it is revealed that Britney Spears actually pulled a "Milli Vanilli" and we get to know who REALLY sings on her songs... Britney NEVER sings live... probably because she is only an act and not a singer. And auto-tune or not... the songs sound great and I enjoy hearing them so who cares ?

615 days ago
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