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Octomom's Ex-Nanny

Calls Child Services


2/17/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0215-nadya-suleman-tmz Octomom got ANOTHER visit from the L.A. Dept. of Child and Family Services last week ... to investigate allegations she's a drug-addicted wreck, not fit to raise her brood ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Nadya Suleman tell TMZ ... DCFS arrived at Octo's home Saturday night after a former nanny complained that Octo has been using drugs, drinking heavily, blacking out, forgetting key appointments (i.e. the bus incident), leaving the kids unbathed for days and not changing their clothes for weeks.

We're told DCFS made Octo aware of the allegations against her, searched the home and asked a mountain of questions regarding the situation. DCFS didn't feel there was enough evidence to pull the kids out of the home ASAP ... but we're told the investigation is still pending.

It's not the first time Octo's faced off with DCFS -- in fact, the agency has been over a whole bunch of times ... most recently in April 2012 after her hairstylist complained of horrendous living conditions ... but as usual, officials determined the kids were not in any danger.

As for Octo ... she spent her Valentine's Day stripping for small sums of money.


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Diamond Goddess!    


622 days ago


How Much has Mike spent to watch OctoSlut Strip?

622 days ago


iam not trying to dispute nanny, but if she is the nanny, wouldnt she be responsible for bathing or changing the kids? she is saying the kids worn the same things for weeks and not bathing, being the nanny, what were her duties?

622 days ago


What i want to know is ,who pays these nannies,is it the government? I feel so sorry for all of those poor kids, what ever is to become of them??? As for that drug addled mother out there stripping (What a fvcking image that is) I highly doubt she will live long enough to see any of her kids reach maturity.

622 days ago


@Mary: I wonder too why the nanny didn't bathe the kids and change their clothes. I would think that would be part of her job duties ... but maybe Nadya gave her orders to do nothing about the baths and clothing, and yelled at her that she'd be fired if she disobeyed. Last year we heard that Nadya cussed out her former manager's daughter when the daughter babysat the kids once and gave them baths; allegedly Nadya said that only SHE would decide when the kids could have baths. WTF??? Does she want them to be dirty due to some control freak mindset, or is she a fanatic about keeping her water bill down, or what? Well, anyway, if these new allegations are true, WHY is CPS still leaving those children with Nadya? How bad do things have to get before they remove the children? Will it take a serious injury or even a death before they will take any action?

622 days ago


She's super gross. Poor kids.

622 days ago


Nadya needs to start suing this nanny that keeps making these false claims. She seems to be obsessed with the kids

622 days ago


WOW. Porn=drugs. Who would have thought?

622 days ago

Lynn M    

Sounds like a disgruntled employee to me. Nadiya certainly isn't mother of the year but she's in a tough spot. Yes,, it's her fault and she has acknowledged her irresponsibility having these kids. However, that train has left the station and she needs help, not criticism. She has got to be doubly paranoid after her so called "help" keeps calling on her (so far unfounded complaints). Like it or not, this is the kid's mother and as imperfect as she may be, her detractors are hurting the children far more than they are Nadiya when they continue their nastiness. I honestly believe that these nasty people could care less about the kids. It's all about punishing Nadiya.

622 days ago

BB not bb    

Is it a nanny from the new house or one of the workers from the old house who kept harassing her? Even if it is true that she is out of it on drugs, she has hired nannies to help with the kids, so they shouldn't be neglected. I find it hard to believe that they are in such bad condition

It seemed like she had a good nanny at the new house. The kids looked fine at Thanksgiving. If any neglect is going on, then the nannies aren't earning their pay.

People seem to like to pick on her because she is so frazzled as it is. They want to see her go over the edge instead of cheering her on in her struggle to raise her family.

DYFS/CPS are insanely bent on destroying children's lives. If they can take away a kid, even under false pretenses and lies, they will. Nadya fights hard for her kids.

I wonder if she could even look into hiring some people from the neighborhood to help with the kids. Maybe some teens or retired grannies would like to spend time there and wouldn't need alot of pay.

622 days ago


Wow!! it's a suprise. If she could take off her clothes and strip, then open her vagina and masturbate.....why would this be a big issue?......She's just a human waste. please someone give her a job in the factory or a job to clean offices or anything to keep this human waste away from media.

621 days ago


Where are the kids now and who is watching them while Nadya strips in Florida? Sad situation. I hope the kids are treated better while she is away. Poor , poor children . How confusing this all must be.

621 days ago


All these complaints point to something going on in that home! Numerous nannies

621 days ago


They searched her home!!! Why do people let child services search their homes?????? If CPS has a "SEARCH WARRANT SIGNED BY A JUDGE" then they can search. If they do not, tell them to go to hell. They are looking for any little thing to nail you on. Do not even let them in your house! Damn!

621 days ago

Spicy mag    

In more surprising news, the sky is blue.

621 days ago
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