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Oscar Pistorius

I Didn't Mean to Kill Her ...

I Swear

2/19/2013 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0219_pistorius_inside_courtroom_launch_v2Oscar Pistorius swore in court today that he believes he was shooting at an intruder when he gunned down girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp ... but prosecutors scoffed, saying he was hell-bent on killing her.

Pistorius' lawyer read his client's sworn affidavit to the judge, explaining that he believed an intruder was in his house on Valentine's Day and he felt vulnerable because he was in bed without his prosthetic legs ... and that's why he pumped a round of bullets into the bathroom door.

The prosecutor saw it differently ... he said Pistorius' motive was simple -- "I want to kill."  Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said the Olympian took the time to put his prosthetic legs on, walk 23 feet, and then he began shooting.

Pistorius claims he had no idea he was shooting at Steenkamp until he realized she was not in his bed.  He said, "It filled me with horror and fear."


He claims he did not have his prosthetic legs on when he fired.  He says he put his legs on, walked to the door and bashed it open with a cricket bat and discovered Steenkamp mortally wounded.  He says he carried her downstairs and "She died in my arms."

The prosecutors scoffed, saying Pistorius and Steenkamp had just finished a shouting match when he fired 4 shots into the bathroom, hitting Steenkamp 3 times.


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Was he preparing for WW3? Who the fcuk needs all of those guns?

590 days ago


If there was a shouting match between them (which the neighbors heard) ...how then did she morph into an intruder behind the bathroom door???

590 days ago


WHY couldn't Lindsay Lohan have been his girlfriend!

590 days ago


I have known numerous cops....law enforcement officers....gun owners.I have only knownone guy who *slept* with his loaded firearm next to him. He was 22 years old.....about 5"4' inches....he had *Napoleon/Little Man* syndrome.Extremely gorgeous kid....brilliant...worked in a very violent mental health unit where he received threats from psychotic patients on at least a daily basis. Oh and lived in one of the top five most violent cities in America. Eventually he calmed down and quit the whole *Clint Eastwood* "go ahead make my day punk" mentality.My point is that Oscar was a known "hot-head" with a temper......tantrums....etc.Him having a loaded pistol at his bedside was like a red flag.Also does anyone know how much alcohol those two consumed that night?

590 days ago


Most of the papers here in South Africa relied on hear say and gossip and not facts when they first went to print with the story and people starting making up there minds before the evidence was in and before the police even made any kind of statements. If you have not lived in South Africa you will not understand how scared you can get here. True he should not have started shooting before he was sure who was in the bathroom but I am still hoping this was a tragic accident. If this was not an accident he will be punished by the court but people should not judge and make really nasty comments until all the facts are in.

590 days ago


Why would his girlfriend lock the bathroom door , if she just went in , in the middle of the night to go the bathroom..She obviously locked herself in there , because she was afraid of him.
In the course of a few minutes, he managed to fire those shots and not notice his girlfriend wasnt in bed,,
he is lying..I feel so sorry for this poor girl

589 days ago

South Side     

Why does the picture show a guy with 2 legs shooting into the bathroom? WAS OSCAR PISTORIUS SET UP????????

589 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what on earth would have made him 'hell bent' on killing his girlfriend of a couple of weeks or months? now if that is not some almighty prosecutionary legal projection, in order to establish a premature victory, then i don't know what else it were...

589 days ago


check out the telegraph from the uk... Don't rely on the sensationalized news from the us. Media her are lower than pond s***... it may seem that it could possibly be an accident. Over exagerated evidence???

589 days ago


It's like you didn't do your homework and you tell your instructor that your "grandmother died"... it is as stupid as that.. at least be creative

589 days ago


His defense PR people are out in force. I understand people have different opinions. But the fact is the witness who heard screams and shots was 300 m away NOT 600 meters as the press has been reporting.

589 days ago


I hope he's found guilty and receives life behind bars.

584 days ago

round room    

He better bring some Vaseline with him to the slammer.

569 days ago


He mentioned that she bought him a present, what did he give her for valentines day? If he didnt give that beautiful woman a present, i bet she called hin a few names and kabam, loud screaming match, and gun shots! Just saying!

565 days ago
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