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And Care for My Brood!

2/21/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is chill these days, because she's getting baked goods delivered and getting a little baked herself ... all while she cares for her 14 kids ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected to Octo tell us ... Nadya is the proud owner of a medical marijuana card -- we're told for anxiety. And get this ... she got the card 2 days after leaving rehab for Xanax addiction.

The marijuana she consumes is primarily embedded in cookies and other bakery products. We're told Nadya ingests the pot both at home and on the road during appearances. 

We're told Octo -- who considers herself primarily responsible for the well-being of her kids -- believes the children are NOT at risk even when she's not all there. And speaking of not there ... we're told Octo does not get high when the nannies are around, meaning she's the only one in the house caring for the kids.

So ... the question. Can a parent temporarily check out by using pot when they have more than a dozen kids ... or is it NEVER OK?



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She is one irresponsible mom. I don't know how she still has custody of her kids. For being worn out though she still has a bangin body. I just ordered the Extractor Drops that she uses off of Amazon. I better look like her after taking these. I'm so excited. Thanks crazy octomom.

573 days ago


And she can drive stoned with the kids in the car. Those poor kids. I hope they find a safe home soon.

573 days ago


Anxiety = excuse to medicate. Some people require genuine help and meds to help them but nooooooooo most Moms just need to be the best Mom that they can be and figure out better ways to deal with their anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety is normal throughout life its a matter of how an individual chooses to deal with it or get the appropriate help if needed. Octo has help with her kiddos and I do not believe that her medicating her issues is the route that she should be taking. What is that teaching her children and how fast is she going to be able to react if an emergency arrises with one of the kids. This (what they call) medicated marijuana is not the answer.

573 days ago


Meanwhile thousands of people who would make great parents cannot have children of their own and thousands more are on long adoption lists waiting to be parents...smh

573 days ago


Somebody needs to let CPS know. Not a gossip site.

If you aren't worried about a sociopath and weed, you probably haven't tried eating medical weed cookies. They are specifically made extra-strong for patients who are very ill, need to be numbed out and can literally knock you over a whole lot harder than Xanax for a very long time. I mean totally incapacitate you. No possible way you can respond to a child in need.

I don't even want to think what dreadful things would happen if a four your old -- or 8 of them got into the cookie stash. Or a psychotically hostile 12 year old.

573 days ago


Any Mom that feels the need to medicate herself unless she absolutely has to for medical reasons has no business having kids especially the amount that she has. Its not like she does not have any help. Just me but I think people in general need to figure out how to better deal with their anxiety issues mentally and stop using meds as a fix. There are way to many people these days that use all of what they now call a disorder as an excuse to take meds. Anxiety is normal in life its just a matter of how one deals with it if they are capable of doing so. I say this of course knowing that there are genuine disorders that requires the help of a dr to include the appropriate medications to help an individual.

573 days ago


Weeds alot of money you have 14 kids to feed !!

573 days ago



573 days ago


Lordy. Why can't people just be as classy and gracious as them. ->

573 days ago


I'd get stoned too if I had 14 kids! Lmao

573 days ago


573 days ago


Nutya had the Octuplets to be the next Kate Gosselin. She's broke, stripping & living in Palmdale. Of course she's going to want to get stoned. She has 14 kids and a soft core porn career. If the Octuplets were puppies they'd be dropped off at the pound. She had them to be famous and it didn't work. Over and over reports have shown that the Octuplets are neglected and Nutya favors the older kids. One nanny reported Nutya leaving the 8 then toddlers in a bathtub full of water to check on the 9 year old with a nanny watching him. Nutya doesn't want those babies and she's finding ways to check out so she doesn't have to deal with them.

573 days ago


Those kids need to be taken away from her period and put in good homes. She is worthless as a mother.

573 days ago


People bringing up CPS and saying she's a terrible mother: ITS JUST WEED!! At least she's not drinking and doing HARD drugs. What a bunch of prudes!

573 days ago

It's Dave    

I'd rather see her smoking pot than taking Xanax.

573 days ago
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