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Lindsay Lohan

I Screwed Up My Taxes

... 3 Straight Years!

2/25/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If blowing off taxes was hockey ... Lindsay Lohan would've scored herself a hat trick ... 'cause the actress has just been hit with a tax bill for 2011 ... the 3rd straight year she stiffed the government.

This time, it's the State of California that's trying to collect ... claiming LiLo owes $56,717.90 for unpaid income tax for 2011.

In case you're keeping score ... the IRS was all over Lindsay's ass for unpaid federal taxes for 2009 ($93,701.57) and 2010 ($140,203.30).

Lohan was able to clear her 2009 debt thanks to a $100k check from her old pal Charlie Sheen ... but it seems like she's on her own for 2010 and 2011.

We reached out to Lohan's camp for comment -- so far, no word back.



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My guess? Since 2009, she probably doesn't have a financial advisor helping her, and she has never filed taxes herself, so she doesn't have a clue how it works, and ignores it...

i.e., she doesn't file, and doesn't hire someone to file, because she likely has no idea where are her W2s, because she doesn't know what they are for.


613 days ago


like with the mafia, let's hope that tax fraud is what FINALLY lands this bitch behind bars... but, thing is, nobody would ever believe that she had brains or sobriety enough to consciously defraud the government...

613 days ago


She just got her "above the law" card revoked. You can rape, murder, rob, oppress, and do everything BUT not pay the IRS.

612 days ago

keith thomson    


612 days ago


yeah and your life for the last 10

612 days ago


These are all fake stories.....come on if she was in all this trouble, she would be serving time....find something better tmz...

612 days ago


Time for a show called Life with the Lohans ? Imagine Lohans and Kardashians on one channel. Would the mothers ever be able to keep score of which was the silliest and the most greedy? Lilo could shack up with Rob Kardashian :)

612 days ago


So, does Lindsey have to pay taxes on the $100k that Sheen gave her?

612 days ago


So? Clearly you people don't understand taxes. You can be a couple years late on paying em, just as long as you pay em.

612 days ago

Jeff Burkhardt    

Well, actually there is no income tax on wages. Wages are even exchange or barter. You agree to do certain work and the payor agrees to pay you bushels of grain, 40 chickens, 3 cows or a million dollars. It doesn't matter which. You agreed and contracted between you and the payor. Your blood sweet and tears are required to perform the task. For that you get whatever you've agreed to in your contract between you and the payor. That's not income. It's wages for labor.

Lindsay owes nothing if all of it was earned by labor. Unless that was income from investments or any type of interest from bank accounts etc. she owes nothing. NOWHERE in the 70,000 pages of the tax code does it say people owe money from labor. State taxes have been updated to rip the people off for their hard earned money but Federal taxes she owes nothing. I can get her out of this in 30 minutes easily both in State and Federal.

This applies to everyone not just celebrities. In any job, regardless of if it's with a company or if you're self employed.

They call this tax scam "The Tax Act" because it is an act - like in a play? They have costumes, judges wear robes, cops wear uniforms etc. It's make believe, and that's just what they do - make you believe its true to get you to give them money. They make you believe you have to be in the play! However, you don't have to be in their play. You can just watch from the audience - and leave any time you want. Especially if it's bad acting which it is 99% of the time.

I can also show her how to get one million dollars paid to her by the IRS for every time they send her a letter with her name on it. If she or anyone else wants to contact me to find out how to do this - they can. You can also sue them for all the money you've paid in taxes previously if you paid taxes for your labor. And you'll get it plus interest. (But you'll have to pay taxes on that interest)

611 days ago

Alan Carver    

Once a thief, always a thief! She tries to get away with so much in her pathetic life that she has no one to blame for this mess she finds herself in other than herself! I hope she is PLEASED and HAPPY With the way her pathetic life has gone to date! Fortunately you CANNOT steal from the Fed's! Go get her!

606 days ago


I don’t understand how it’s possible not to pay taxes if you have money for that. Furthermore, if you’re a public person. Some celebrities are so irresponsible! Some of them don’t make payments on their mortgages and then complain that banks foreclose their homes. Rules are the same as for ordinary people, as for celebs. It’s necessary to pay taxes and stay responsible about your financial commitments. Famous and rich people don’t need to apply for instant cash advance to make payments on mortgages because they have enough money and paying taxes shouldn’t be a problem. Probably some people are too busy to do such simple things.

589 days ago
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