Katt Williams Bitch Slaps $280,000 Tax Lien

2/11/2013 4:30 AM PST

Katt Williams Bitch Slaps $280,000 Tax Lien


Hey everyone, we actually have GOOD NEWS about Katt Williams ... seriously ... he just paid off $284,000 in back taxes!!!!!

The IRS had filed the federal tax lien against Katt in 2010, claiming Katt dropped the ball on his income taxes from 2007 and needed to cough up $284,419.67 to Uncle Sam. 

Well, Katt finally paid up -- and the lien was officially unliened on January 23.

Of course, the troubled comedian's still knee-deep in tax debt ... TMZ broke the story, the IRS filed another lien against him late last year for $4 MILLION.

Not to mention all his OTHER problems. But hey, baby steps.