Jermaine Dupri Money Ain't a Thang ... Pays Off $3 Mil Tax Lien!

2/3/2013 9:38 AM PST

Jermaine Dupri -- Money Ain't a Thang ... Pays Off $3 MILLION Tax Lien!


Jermaine Dupri
is eatin' crab, watching bitches shake s**t all night ... you know why? Because the music mogul just took a huge load off his shoulders -- AND PAID OFF A $3 MILLION TAX LIEN!!!!

The lien was filed by the IRS in 2008, claiming Dupri didn't pay all his taxes from way back in 2006 ... to the tune of $3,095,004.64.

But the rapper finally stepped up and paid off the massive bill and the lien was released on January 18.

It officially makes Dupri a super tax debt destroyer ... as you'll recall he coughed up almost $500,000 last year to pay off a different lien filed in Georgia.

Now if only he could use those powers on his mortgage.