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Michelle Obama

WAS First to Open Oscar Envelope ... Says Academy

2/25/2013 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is pretty shocking ... a rep for the Academy tells TMZ, Michelle Obama was in fact the ONLY person in the White House to view the contents of the Best Picture Oscar envelope last night.

TMZ broke the story ... it's practically inconceivable that any package -- even a high-profile Oscar envelope -- would reach the First Lady without being thoroughly vetted first.

But a rep for the Academy tells us, "First Lady Michelle Obama was the first and only person to open the Best Picture envelope. PwC [PricewaterhouseCoopers] accountants are the only individuals who have knowledge of the results prior to their live reveal on the Oscars."

As we reported, TMZ spoke to the Secret Service this morning ... and they said, "We're not gonna comment on that."

We're not sure if we're relieved or terrified.


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I'm shocked she didn't win a Oscar. It would make the second time Obama got an award for nothing. The whole thing was bizarre.

568 days ago


What a ton of disrespecting motherf*ckers on this story! You all that are bad mouthing her show exactly what's wrong with America now days, pricks!

568 days ago


i'm sure they Ran a Metal Scanner thru it...

568 days ago


I've had enough if this fat ugly beast. No one elected to be anything but she wants to regulate what we eat. Fat POS.

567 days ago


Who gives a crap about the first lady, she had no business being there presenting an award.... What a freaking joke....

567 days ago


How Obamas got rich:

567 days ago


Why not just move the White House to Hollywood?

567 days ago


Where's hubby? The best actor of all.

567 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

FFS who cares whether she was the first to open it. Remind me why the Academy snubbed someone in the industry to let this wannabe Hollywood celebrity present instead? God this bitch is a Hollywood fame whore. Popping up her fame whoring head everywhere from iCarly to the Academy Awards and every talk show in between. **** off, you are the 1rst Lady or the United States not a Hollywood celebrity. Wait until after the White House to be the next wannabe Oprah talk show host. You know she wants her own show!

567 days ago



Talk about making a bid deal out of nothing. Who cares?

567 days ago


Many of my friends and associates were stunned to learn of this. One this is an Artistic funtion. The Obama's just seem to want Holywood and them to be one. And this is scarey. Does anyone really know what is going on. He's NOT the COOl president. He is a President with his priorities REALLY MESSED up. People are old in the East Coast. ect. Ect. He just wont stop TALKING..Just Act like a preseident and STOP bluring the Lone with the COOl people in your eyes MR. President. Really Let doen in all of this. WHile our TAX Monies are used on a continuly for his family to run around and act like fans/.HOLLYWOOD does NOT have a higher stnadard then the rest of us. And you are acting like a love sick groupy. Disgrace to the office. Sad had High hopes

567 days ago


Thank goodness she has the time to devote to such important activities as dancing on Ellen, dancing on Fallon, presenting Oscars, and planning her next $500K+ taxpayer-paid vacation. One can only attribute her wealth of free time to the fact that there isn't a SINGLE problem in this country that, as a "concerned" first lady, she feels the need to address (other than telling us what to eat, of course). Imagine if our "concerned" first black FLOTUS had to spend her time actually thinking about, oh, let's see ... a 39.6% black youth unemployment rate and it's impact on black street murders; or the 500+ murders in her own Chicago back yard, with over 100 of the victims being black children under the age of 18; or a Centers for Disease Control Report from May 2010 indicating that HOMICIDE is now the #1 cause of death for black boys aged 12-19. Luckily, our FLOTUS doesn't have to concern herself with such mundane issues, and can instead continue to dance, vacation and, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, increase her "cool" quotient. So thank God things are going so smoothly and this "caring, concerned" first black FLOTUS has the time to just kick back and relax.

567 days ago


michelle "marie antoinette" obama is a tacky cow

567 days ago


Numbers 91 and 92 - you got it right!!!! I'm with you 150%. Unfreakingbelieveable!!!!!

567 days ago


Are the president and first lady now entertainment celebrities??? Why is he always on some friggin talk show and why is she announcing Oscar winners???? You are doing a sh*t job of running this country, pushing your healthcare crap on us without having congress even vote on it. Everything this guy does is underhanded - but he has time to go on TV and talk to the women of the view and several other talk shows. What happened to the days when a president had some dignity and just worked from the white house? When was the president told it was OK to go hollywood????? This presient makes me sick. God help the United States of America. The people of the U.S. still have the right to oust this man from office. Please God!!!!!!!!

567 days ago
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