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Senator Marco Rubio

Lil Wayne Ain't No Tupac

2/26/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022613_marco_rubio_launchIt took him 2 weeks, but Senator Marco Rubio finally delivered a smooth, eloquent GOP response -- to Lil Wayne calling himself the new Tupac.

Sen. Rubio -- a self-professed hip-hop superfan -- was at Reagan National Airport when he shot down Weezy recently making the bold claim ... "I ain't 2Pac, I'm the new 'Pac."

Totally off the cuff, Sen. Rubio told us, "Tupac lived in a different time. These guys have some message in what they're saying, but I think they're largely entertainers."

He added, "I think Tupac was more someone who was trying to inform us about what was going on, and he did it through entertainment."

The Senator also talked Wu-Tang Clan and Dave Chappelle ... it's pretty cool ... for a politician.

Oh, and he said it all without a single sip of water.

FUN FACT: Rubio's fave rap songs of all-time are NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" ... Eminem's "Lose Yourself," and 'Pac's "Killuminati."


No Avatar


Lil Wayne will NEVER be/come close to Tupac!! Lil Wayne is a punk ass

549 days ago


As usual, just look how racist liberals are to any one of color that isn't on the Democrat plantation.

549 days ago


Good memories a blunt n some wu tang!

549 days ago


..."it's pretty cool ... for a politician."

What TMZ really wanted to say was "it's pretty cool... for a Republican". Isn't that right, TMZ douchbags?

549 days ago
20. go to work AND DO SOMETHING.

549 days ago


Whaaaaaat? Now you gonna try and make bottle boy a celeb ? Puhleeeeze.

549 days ago


So that's what Congress does. Thanks for the insight Senator Flop Sweat.

549 days ago


I wish someone would drop off lil Wayne, the Kardashsians, Kayane and Lindsay Lohan off on deserted island somewhere. At least for a year to give us a break from hearing about them so much. They all suck!

549 days ago

arale norimaki    

Marco Rubio trying to look more Hispanic by referring to the same Marco Rubio who talks big but fails to deliver? I am a firm believer of Washington living by the same standards as the people, across the board (in terms of benefits, salaries, vacations, retirement, etc.). The question is, is this guy in over his head or not ? Am I alone in thinking he is not representing all Floridians? It's time to recall Marco Rubio or vote him out of office.

549 days ago


My 'Ni**a' a down azz Republican

549 days ago


If he's hip hop I'm a Hassidic Jew.
- yours truly, a little hispanic girl from east LA

549 days ago


And Rubio is no politician. he is an idiot just like EVERY other politician. Now go home and take care of your kids and wife you idiot. Better yet, go back to Cuba since you love it so much.

549 days ago


I think tupac was going to leave the rap game to become an actor full time and open up about his sexuality . Suge and dre had to take him out.

549 days ago


Now that's a cool Senator. I agree with Rubio. Lil Wayne will never be Pac. Pac would never rap about being a martian from mars. Like Rubio said rap today is more about entertainment, women, and popping pills. These rappers today don't rap about the community, world economics, and politics. There will only be one Pac. So Lil Wayne and his skinny jeans can go some where.

549 days ago


Old school rap was cool in the 80's when it hit the mainstream, lot of it was still raw and new, they signed everyone no matter what, some amateurs made it in too but it was still a wide open door for a lot of great stuff

549 days ago
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