Lionel Richie Hillary 4 Prez!

2/9/2013 4:30 AM PST

Lionel Richie -- Hillary Clinton 4 President!


Lionel Richie is already taking sides in the 2016 Presidential election -- telling TMZ he's a huge Hillary Clinton fan ... even though she still hasn't confirmed if she'll be running yet.

For the record ... WE raised the issue -- it wasn't like Lionel was out stumping for Hillary in the middle of the street ... but it was clear, Clinton's already got LR's vote.

In fact, Lionel dropped the L-word when to came to Hillary -- he "loves" her -- and thinks she's super qualified to be the next Commander-In-Chief.

Now feel free to yell at each other about the American political system in the comments section below ... because typing angrily about it will totally make things better.