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9/11 Victim's Mom

'Zero Dark Thirty' Used My Son's Voice WITHOUT Permission

2/27/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The mother of a 9/11 victim who died in the World Trade Center says she NEVER gave permission for "Zero Dark Thirty" producers to use a voicemail left by her son during the attack.

Mary Fetchet has lashed out to several media outlets ... saying she was shocked and upset when she heard her son's voice featured in the dramatic opening moments of the Oscar nominated movie.

Fetchet's son, Bradley, left the voicemail for Mary while he was on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center.

The studios behind the movie released a statement calling the movie a "tribute" to the victims -- and saying they "initiated contact with a number of families."

Fetchet -- and at least one other family of a 9/11 victim -- aren't buying the explanation and are now demanding an apology.


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How did thwy even get the voicemail if the mother didnt give it to the media? It sounds like a private vm not a 911

571 days ago

david Shapiro    


571 days ago


Get over it lady

571 days ago


Like anything else, they should have asked this family...since they apparently did not, out of respect they owe this family an apology big time. I see a law suit in the making

571 days ago


If they gave the voicemails to ANY media outlet. It becomes whatever studio they gave it to property for which they can sell as they wish. Frivolous law suit yet again. She should be HONORED that her son will be forever be known because of this movie.

571 days ago


it seems to me that many of you CAN'T READ. The voicemail message referred to was made on 9/ where does the article say it was a call made to 911 (EMERGENCY #).
it's rather clear the message from Bradley to his mom was a PERSONAL voicemail and has NOTHING to do with 911 EMERGENCY calls.

571 days ago


By the way the story is reported it sounds like she wants money. I understand what she may have went through since I'm a mother myself. Half of you say that all calls from 9/11 are public domain and don't need her permission but they should have given her a heads up in case she went to see they money. And since her son's message is for public use they don't need her permission so they for they don't need to apologize to her because they did nothing wrong. Asking that the money they make to her own private charity when it went to the 9/11 one is kind of making her sound like she's money hungry. What does his wife and kids get out of that (if he was married I don't know) if she's about her private charity? I understand why the people behind the movie decided to give it to the 9/11 charity and not hers.

571 days ago


LOL, People think THE OSCARS had Huge Ratings This Year because of J-Lawrence But the real reason is because This Year People Thought THE OSCARS were going to make History by having E-RIVA who is 86 and The Oldest Nominee or Q-WALLIS who is 9 and The Youngest Nominee be THE OSCAR-WINNER also i'm sure FRANCE was watching too because of E-RIVA...................i think Jessica Chastain should've WON

571 days ago


If she didn't object earlier, she can't legally object now. But....there is the matter of good manners. But good manners and Hollywood don't always dance together. When they do, it's magic. But there's not much magic going on these days.

571 days ago


I hope they dont plan to sue the movie producers. I mean I dont see the big deal they used the voicemail, but they (the movie producers) should have at lest called them, and kept trying until they actually spoke to the family.

571 days ago


I guess she didn't notice it considering the movie came out this past year. I sympathize if when the movie came out and she heard it and was not aware but to wait all this time and NOW just say something??? Hmm sounds sketchy to me.

571 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I'm sorry, and it must be hell to lose a child especially in such an awful way but the fact is that tape is part of the public domain. I could go to a number of websites right now and listen to it. They have my sympathy, but on the other hand, that one voice represented hundreds of others and though they are certainly shocked, they can also be proud that he will forever be remembered for that.

571 days ago


The problem is that authors ie the ones who write books have to get permission ie credit from peron (or in this case their estate/foundation) in writing. I say she has a good one for a lawsuit

571 days ago


He's dead...what permission did they need?

571 days ago


To the people who don't see anything wrong with this: Lets see how you would feel if you had a recording of your child's voice ments before they were murdered and hollywood steps in and blasts it for everyone to hear without asking you first. People like you are what makes this country worse and worse every single day.

571 days ago
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