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I Afrojacked Up My Ferrari

2/27/2013 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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This just hurts to look at ... hours after Afrojack got his hands on a brand new red Ferrari, the world-renowned DJ mutilated the ride by crashing it ... and then posted photos of the car-nage online.

Afrojack -- real name Nick van de Wall -- went on Twitter two hours ago, writing, "I made a new friend!!!" referencing a brand new red Ferrari 458 Italia.

An hour later, he posted an image of the car with its rear bumper torn to pieces ... tweeting, "Ok that sucks. Good thing we're all ok!!!! Lesson in life: don't drive a Ferrari in sh*t weather!"

He added, "For everyone that's asking me why I'm smiling: it's a car." 

Yeah, a $240,000 car.




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He had no business being behind the wheel of that car, obviously too much engine for that amateur. I'm glad he didn't hurt anyone.

571 days ago


Look ma! I'm a dumbass!

571 days ago


He's a DJ? He plays music and scratches a turntable and makes enough for that car? Society is screwed.

571 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Yeah, certainly the weather had everything to do with this dumb imbecile wrecking that beautiful piece of mechanical art. What a complete ass hole ha ha ha....

571 days ago


Who is this clown? And don't tell me it's in the article. I saw his picture, and name was enough for me.

571 days ago

Bill Leslie    

"They should have never gave you n1gg3rz money!" - ob: Rick James.

571 days ago


What a dumbass. What's his name? Offjack? Loser.

571 days ago

Violent Pope    

Doosh f-ing bag

571 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

fools that can't drive high end cars without wrecking them shouldn't be buying them. That's a waste of craftsmanship.

571 days ago

tony gee    

b>Who the heck asked you why you were smiling but first, who the hell are you? We know it's a car "duh" and you are an idiot!

End of the story.

571 days ago


Hope he's got a big bank account, 'cause he's looking at a $100k repair bill there...

571 days ago

Jeff Smithburg    

TMZ is just plain stupid. They cut off everything and make people look bad. What Afrojack really wrote was

"For everyone thats asking me why im smiling: its a car, i have a great family and just as great fans!! love all of you!"

This is the third thing I have seen you guys short hand on just the first page. GET IT TOGETHER and quit trying to make people look like s***bags when they are not.

571 days ago


A red Ferrari? Would it of been cheaper if it was black or white or W/E?

571 days ago


Wrecked it hours after he got it while Beiber and his 'Lil Douche' crew haven't wrecked his yet. He is officially too lame to live.

571 days ago


Now I could very well be wrong but I have a strong collision repair background and I'm pretty sure that when a car i***** from behind that it is not his fault usually when your car i***** from behind its from another car hitting u. Unless the dummie backed into something but it looked like he's pulled over on the side of the road. So for tmz to go and say he crashed is just another one of there story's where they over exaggerating the truth to make a story seem more that it is. Oh and side note the base model for this beautiful ride is $230000 (actually $ 229825) not $ 240000. If these dip **** wanna be celebrity journalists would take a few extra minutes to do a little research they wouldn't be getting corrected by smart ass commenters like myself, oh but that's right they wanna make it sound juicier thank it is to get a click.. Tmz is like the mc Donald's of news IMO. Ps **** you Harvey. Ex lawyer + news channel = a lot of lyinggbull **** news what do we expect really?

571 days ago
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