Afrojack Whoops!!! I Afrojacked Up My Ferrari

2/27/2013 11:20 AM PST

Afrojack -- Whoops!!! I Afrojacked Up My Ferrari

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This just hurts to look at ... hours after Afrojack got his hands on a brand new red Ferrari, the world-renowned DJ mutilated the ride by crashing it ... and then posted photos of the car-nage online.

Afrojack -- real name Nick van de Wall -- went on Twitter two hours ago, writing, "I made a new friend!!!" referencing a brand new red Ferrari 458 Italia.

An hour later, he posted an image of the car with its rear bumper torn to pieces ... tweeting, "Ok that sucks. Good thing we're all ok!!!! Lesson in life: don't drive a Ferrari in sh*t weather!"

He added, "For everyone that's asking me why I'm smiling: it's a car." 

Yeah, a $240,000 car.