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Rick Ross

Police Guard Rapper

At Swanky NYC Hotel

2/27/2013 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross
-- the rapper who has allegedly been targeted by a dangerous gang -- is being protected by NYC cops round-the-clock because of recent threats ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned cops have been guarding Ross at The London Hotel for the last few days.

Sources tell us, recent threats have been specifically aimed at the rapper ... and he's not taking them lightly.

You'll recall Ross' Rolls-Royce was shot up in Ft. Lauderdale last month after the rapper's birthday party while Ross was making his way home. Ross and his passenger were not injured in the attack -- clearly, the shots were intended as a warning.



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People! Please stop liking his music !!!. That is the only way to kill him for good, otherwise he becomes a music legend. We must kill him like we killed MC Hammer and Kris Kross

568 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Sorry, I can't feel sorry for this guy. How do you get on the radio and say you're a "BOSS", and then need a team of police security everywhere you go?. O.k. so you pissed off a little gang who got their feelings hurt...waa waa waa. If you're a real gangster, you stick to every word, don't act 2 faced and expect everyone to buy into it. I think Rick Ross is fake...and the GD's are a bunch of wanna be rappers pissed off that they can't get a record deal.

568 days ago


He'll be even more famous after fat boy here gets a shot to the Dome.

568 days ago


He raps murder, sex and drugs, can't he handle what he preaches????

568 days ago


Hope he has to pay for this...while some kid or family. Hides in fear for. Being at wrong time or place that actually need the protection and can't. Get it cuz of dumb****s like him...

568 days ago


Rick Ross is getting what he deserves he claims to be somebody who he's not .. he was a correctional officer he is fake.. the reall Rick Ross was a drug kingpin,..

568 days ago

Rose Gold    

This some real CB4 sh*t!

568 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Is that a map of Florida tattooed between fat boy Ricky's eyes? What an IDIOT!

568 days ago


liar liar pants on fire,,,"You'll recall Ross' Rolls-Royce was shot up in Ft. Lauderdale "
NO IT WAS NOT. you don't even read your own stories??

568 days ago


So let me get this straight. A multimillionaire rapper receives around the clock protection because the Gangsters Disciples wants to kill him, yet a woman/man who is threatened by their spouse receives a restraining order. Well that's silly! He should just go get a restraining order, works so well for the rest of America! Glad I can pay the police to protect you and people who really deserve it get a piece of paper telling them the person threatening their life cannot come within 500 yards.............

568 days ago


For those wishing death on this guy because of songs, you sound just as ignorant as he does. Continuing all the get played . Dislike that . #truth

568 days ago


Now that would be no big loss to this planet. Let him fend for himself. Not on our tax dollars - he just Ain't worth it.

568 days ago


Hands down my favorite rapper, but you can't go around ****ing with a nation of true, hard core gangstas and expect them not to retaliate. These Folks have nothing and Rosay has everything. They want what he has and are willing to take it all away from him.

568 days ago


You live by the sword, you die by the sword. He's wealthy enough to pay for his own protection. And, why is it private citizens, that aren't celebs, have to protect themselves with a restraining order, while this millionaire gets his security paid for by the taxpayers of California? Wouldn't mind knowing why they want to kill him though....did he poke the lion to see if it would bite?

568 days ago


Oh! seem fatboy is scared of Real gangsters. All that **** talking and singing about being a boss , having shooters and your bitch ass hiding from Real gangsters. What a joke, GD's shut your tour down and you go on the radio talking that **** about who you can have murked and you cancelled your own tour yeah right! FAke ass *****'s This is why i don't listen to you fake ass *****'s Cassidy more gangsta than you'll ever be, You got dough, but that's it. Be a boss confort the issues at hand or change you game , take up dancing.

568 days ago
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