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'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Theme

Mistaken By Adults for


3/3/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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"Shooting some b-ball outside of the school" -- one of the many great lines from the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song -- sounds A LOT like "Shooting some PEOPLE outside of the school" ... a lesson one H.S. in PA learned the hard way after locking down the district in FEAR OF A MASS SHOOTING.

It all went down in Ambridge H.S. Thursday when a medical receptionist called a 19-year-old AHS student to remind him of his upcoming optometrist appointment, but got his "Fresh Prince" themed voicemail instead -- according to the Beaver County Times.

The receptionist reportedly misinterpreted the kid's message -- in which he raps a few lines from the song -- as a massive threat to GUN DOWN every student in school and she quickly called the cops.

The police -- who can't take mass shooting "threats" lightly -- quickly alerted the ENTIRE school district, which went straight into DEFCON 1 mode and locked down, while cops searched for the teen.

The 19-year-old -- who was chillin' at school -- was swarmed by police and taken into custody to be questioned. After a few minutes of explanations and a careful review of the VM, law enforcement determined he was in fact ... singing "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" ... and was released.

The district's superintendent made a statement following the embarrassing mistake, saying "It gave us a wonderful chance to review our emergency procedures."

Yeah, someone should get that town the DVD box set ... or a TV ... or the Internet ... because it's freaking everywhere.


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shawn hollen    

are you f'ing kidding me everyone knows that them it is "shooting some b ball out side of school "r pepole that f'ing stupid

516 days ago


Please people stop commenting about this kids age. In every state you must be born by a certain date in order to start school. It is also different in every state. I am currently living in Indiana and if your child did not turn 5 by July 1 they cannot start school until the following year. That makes for a lot of 19 year old seniors. So for goodness sakes give it a rest.

516 days ago


What the hell is a 19 yr old still in high school? In my day they would graduate you anyway cuz they don't want you around the 14 yr old girls. Lol.

516 days ago


are you people out of your minds??? some of you are actually condoning the police state actions of this? that receptionist should be fired for over reacting and the police for doing that, NOT ONE officer knew that song? that poor kid was in school and they did that to him which goes on his record now and will ruin his life...I swear this country is going to trash...common sense people..I can't believe some of you are thinking that it's ok! you are falling for this...YOU DO KNOW that this is police state behavior and that's all!.. they want more control and will act upon the silliest things...such as this..they knew what they were doing...this entire thing was political, how can you not see this.

516 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Stupid neurotic receptionist. Everyone just needs to take a chill pill, and turn on the tv.

516 days ago


Oh my damn. I was afraid this was going to show up on national news. He said "shootin' b-ball outside my school" and she heard "shootin' people oitside my school...

516 days ago


From the source...check this out...

Ambridge Area Superintendent Erv Weischedel chose to look at Thursday’s events as a positive.

“It gave us a wonderful chance to review our emergency procedures,” he said. “It was a good drill that went very, very well.”

That comment right there...what exactly does he mean by drill? grounds for a lawsuit in my opinion.

516 days ago


inbred secretary...

516 days ago


Everyone listen to 'Tara' and stop asking the same question!

516 days ago


Are you ****ing people serious? This show has been out since I was little and not once has it been said it might have been the cause of someone turning into a ****ing psycho. People have issues it is not the music, guns, tv shows or anything else it is in the persons head and someone has pissed them off just like your ignorance about this stuff pisses me off. But I have enough sense to not go around killing people. So shut the hell up and stop blmaing things for stupid people going bat**** crazy!!!

516 days ago


Why are people so surprised that the kid was singing that particular song? The show is still in syndication. Instead of thinking the kid is hung up on an old song perhaps we should instead be pleasantly amazed that the kid watches (at least one) wholesome television show(s) or listens to positive entertainers.

And no matter how distracted I was when listening to that theme song, it never sounded like "people" instead of "b-ball"... even if he were to mumble it. Did the receptionist not think to ask anyone if they'd ever heard of that song? Did nobody else along the chain think to check the voicemail for themselves? Some serious lack of thought here.

516 days ago


The show is still on. May be reruns but its still playing here. Some people are so out of touch with today's society they are still living in the 50's. WOW! What next? My little pony gets blamed for the horse meat scandals going on?

516 days ago


Even my kids watch Fresh Prince of Bel Aire reruns sometimes. SMH

516 days ago


How embarrassing!!! But it is better to be embarrassed and wrong, especially when it involves the safety of students.

516 days ago


I'm just so proud to be once again humiliated by a weak minded education system in our local community. Only a moron would make this mistake and bring the school in Beaver county to it's knees like these morons!

516 days ago
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