Don Omar Accused of Hijacking Yacht For 'Danza Kuduro' Video

2/28/2013 12:30 AM PST

Don Omar -- Accused of Hijacking Yacht for 'Danza Kuduro' Video


If you wanna film a yacht filled with babes for your music video, you have to ASK THE YACHT'S OWNER FIRST -- so says a new lawsuit, in which singer Don Omar is accused of smuggling hot chicks onto a boat for his "Danza Kuduro" video ... and illegally filming them on board.

The yacht in question -- named Le Reve -- appears at the 2:15 mark in the video ... when Don Omar approaches to find the girls partying on board. Naturally, they hop off and follow him.

But there's one problem -- according to the lawsuit, no one ever asked for any permission whatsoever to use or film the yacht ... especially to promote the "fast, lavish, over-the-top lifestyle" portrayed in the video.

The yacht's owner -- some Portuguese company -- is suing for trespass AND defamation, claiming it has suffered damages as a result of its association with the video's slutty vibe.

The company is suing Don Omar, his record company, and pretty much everyone involved in the video's production -- demanding a fat check.

Don's rep tells TMZ, the singer denies any responsibility for the shooting location in question. The rep says the recording company is responsible for clearing locations/yacht rentals. Calls to the other defendants weren't returned.