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Ungrateful Lindsay Lohan

Please Shut Up

Charlie Sheen!

3/4/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0303-lindsay-lohan-charlie-sheen-tmzLindsay Lohan is rejecting Charlie Sheen's offer to mentor her, grousing that she wishes he'd just shut up.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... while she appreciates everything Sheen has done for her -- and he's done a lot -- she would NEVER take him as a mentor. She's saying she knows her life is "out of control," but doesn't think the precept, "It takes one to know one," is the way to go.

As we first reported ... Sheen told TMZ he thinks Lindsay needs a mentor and he believes he's the man for the job.

She says she's grateful Charlie gave her $100k for her back taxes and supported her in "Scary Movie 5." Lindsay says she talks to Charlie from time to time ... but gripes he has no business talking about her to the media.

According to our sources, Lindsay has been regularly meeting with a therapist and feels the consistency has helped.

Do therapists recommend dumping a patient's lawyer? That would be a good start, right?


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Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen
Why are you so gosh darn mean?
You lend me money, but I don't care,
You say I'm ungrateful now is that fair?
You spend big money on an ugly dress,
My scissors changed that ugly mess.
So it is now my fault you say.
Play your game or be put away.
But I've no problems don't you see?
Everyones out to just get me.
I feel lucky so bring on the Judge,
I don't want jail time, I won't budge.
Sentence to Jail? I'm going back?????
What the hell, quack quack quack......

599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

The New York Times' weekend edition painted a perfectly dismal picture of life in and around the nation's capital, partly to do with sequester and partly with Lindsay Lohan.

Trip Gabriel's front page story on the sequester-related demise of of the Northern Virginia economy had Gabriel hanging around a bus depot outside the Pentagon, talking to commuters about unpleasant changes they're making to their lives due to the $85 billion in spending cuts ordered by President Obama on Friday. The article ends with a commuter asking Gabriel if he knows of any leads for part time work.

D.C.'s problems are detailed again, but differently, in the Times' Sunday Styles section, where Lindsay Lohan's former assistant Gavin Doyle airs his complaints about Washington (spoiler: they don't involve budget cuts or bus depots).

Doyle is described in his three-page profile as someone who "has become a regular presence on Web sites that exhaustively chronicle [New York's] party scene, a part of a glittering social circle and even an occasional tabloid figure, thanks to the antics of Lindsay Lohan, a close associate. He sees himself as a kind of intermediary between various celebrity worlds."

He does not, however, see himself as a fan of the District, having very unhappily, according to the article, gone to college here:

He attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., but found it “a miserable place."
“Everything closed at 5 p.m.,” he said with disdain. “Everything was wrong. It was a giant party school with a bunch of rich kids.”

Lonely and depressed, he moved to New York and transferred to a design and business program at Parsons, with a minor in photography.

A bizarre coda unrelated to D.C., though possibly related to a person's tolerance for the antics of Lindsay Lohan: Doyle told the New York Times that he'd like to do a book, like Helmut Newton's Private Property, using his own photos of the starlet.

“The camera loves her and she’s in love with the camera. She basically became a photo muse of mine,” he said.

Then Monday it was reported that Doyle -- widely reported be Lohan's former assistant, though he told the Times this is a misconception -- has been cooperating with prosecutors and is expected to be a key witness in Lohan's upcoming reckless driving trial. He was with Lohan when she smashed a Porche last June on a California highway.

Finally, to answer Doyle's observation about early restaurant closing times, while D.C.'s late-night dining scene has admittedly had its hiccups, there's always The Diner.

599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Lindsay’s Legal Woes Continue To Grow! Lohan’s Bodyguard Subpoenaed To Testify At Lying To Cops Trial

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 @ 4:27AM | By Jen Heger


Lindsay Lohan‘s bodyguard, who was driving behind the actress’ Porsche when it crashed into a cement truck last summer, has been formally subpoenaed to testify at the troubled 26-year-old’s upcoming trial for allegedly lying to cops at the scene of the accident, is exclusively reporting.

“The bodyguard was following Lindsay’s Porsche as she headed to work that day,” a source tells Radar. “He was hired by the production company of the Liz & Dick television movie Lohan was working on to keep an eye on her and make sure she turned up to the set each day. Obviously, as he was right behind the car, he witnessed who was driving, and how the crash went down.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot Evolution

“He was also the person who drove Lohan to the hospital after the accident, so his testimony will be vital in establishing Lindsay’s state of mind immediately after the crash and what exactly happened. The bodyguard is a reluctant witness and doesn’t want to testify, but he has no choice in the matter now as he has been subpoenaed.”

In addition to the bodyguard, sources reveal that several staff from the hotel where Lindsay was staying at the time of the crash have also been subpoenaed. It’s expected they will testify that they saw Lohan get behind the wheel of the Porsche and drive away on the day of the crash.

PHOTOS: Dina And Ali Visit Lindsay In Jail

As previously reported, Lohan told cops that her former assistant, Gavin Doyle, was in the driver’s seat at the time of the collision. Her attorney, Mark Heller, has since stated that Lindsay should not have been questioned after the accident as she was suffering from a “concussion” — a claim that is not backed up by medical records.

Meanwhile, Heller is working hard to hash out an attractive plea deal for his client that involves no jail time and no compulsory rehab treatment, which Lohan is adamantly opposed to, insisting she does NOT have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Grimaces As She Leaves Chateau Marmont

If a plea deal is unable to be reached, Doyle is willing to step up and testify in court that his former employer was driving at the time of the crash, and NOT him.

“Gavin has been cooperating with prosecutors and will testify that Lindsay was driving the car that day. He will tell the truth because he has nothing to hide. He has been extremely concerned for her health and well being,” a source previously told Radar.

PHOTOS: Lindsay & Dina Lohan Party Hard In London

Lohan’s latest criminal trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 18. Even if she’s acquitted, she could still go to jail for up to 245 days for violating probation in her past necklace theft case.

599 days ago


Good Morning Lindsay Lohan,
We know for certain you read these post now. Go to jail, get better then we'll talk.......maybe.........ah maybe not.

599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I don't believe for one min. that the prosecutors are working out any deal for Lying Lindsay.

They know they have Lying Lindsay nailed to the wall this time.

It cost the prosecutors money to have people subpoena and they are subpoenaing everyone.Right down the line.

245 days for Lying Lindsay

599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Also there is no way on Gods green earth that anyone will take on Lying Lindsay as a client, not even one person to help Heller out in court on 3/18.

Lying Lindsays ship is sinking fast!!

599 days ago


Here's a transcription of the exchange that took place when Lohan kicked Doyle out of the car leaving the Police Precinct, after she allegedly punched a fellow patron in the face, and was arrested. (taken from the video):

Lohan: [inaudible]...just like you did with Sam.
Doyle: No, I didn't!
Lohan: GAVIN, GET OUT OF THE CAR! GET OUT OF THE CAR, GAVIN! Get him out of the car! Get him out of the car, NOW! Gavin, get out! Gavin, get out of the ****ing car. NOW.
Doyle: Okay. Never speak to me again.

Good Times!!

599 days ago


Dr Samuel Weiscrak

0 0 Clear Vote

And once again Sam continues to demonstrate his inability to comprehend basic English! SMH

"Yikes! Guess that says a lot about how dead their lives are too!"

7 minutes ago


Wrong again, Dr Buttcrack, I have a very strong command of the English language, I just have a little trouble reading BULLSCHIT, so forgive me if I don't immediately comprehend what you try and convey in your comments.

599 days ago


Speaking of command of the English language, most of the ENABLERS posting on the Lilo threads have as good, if not slightly better command of the language than Lindsay.

There, that's the only compliement you'll ever get from me lol

599 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Good morning!

599 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Good Morning, Everybodeeeeee

599 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

The good news,

With all the time and money the prosecutors have spent. No payday from sugar daddys to get her off or plea deals.

Its the end of the road for Lying Lindsay

599 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

@ yer wife beater on?......hehehehehe

599 days ago

LA Native    

Good morning all.
I just have to say I have been past the accident scene twice in the past couple of days, and there are traffic cams all over the place. So there is that "witness" too.
just sayin'

599 days ago
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