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'Game Of Thrones' Star

My AK-47 Toting Hubby

Poses a Risk to Our Kid

3/4/2013 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lena Headey
-- the hot chick in "Game of Thrones" -- says her estranged husband is too reckless to care for their kid, and a key example was Peter Loughran's decision to post pictures of himself showcasing an AK-47 . . . this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Lena was trying to block Peter from taking their 2-year-old son to Ireland. In her legal docs -- filed in her ongoing custody war with her ex -- Lena says Peter has exhibited bad judgment and cannot be trusted alone with the boy.

As an example, she attached 2 pics to her docs -- ones that Peter allegedly posted on his Facebook page, showing him sporting an assault rifle. 


She also claims Peter -- a one-time hairstylist -- has serious alcohol issues, citing a recent case where his car veered into oncoming traffic. She believes it was alcohol-related, but he denied it.

The judge sided with Lena and refused to grant Peter's request to take the kid to Ireland.


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598 days ago


Jason Priestly much?!

598 days ago


If anything he shouldn't be allowed to see his kid because of that hair!! The gun doesn't matter, it's legal is it not? Dumba$$ judge!

598 days ago


another crazy one
run fast hun, its not worth it....
it just won't stop with these people..!

598 days ago

Lynn M    

While I'm the last person who would ever pose for a picture holding any gun, let alone an assault rifle, I will defend this guys right to do so as long as he hasn't broken any laws. What, we're going to take kids away from parents who own assault weapons? We are headed down a very slippery slope!

598 days ago


Enough with the guns are evil and anyone that has one must also be BS. Don't blame him for taking a few lame pictures of himself shirtless with a gun, there's nothing wrong with that and has nothing to do with anything. Now if he was taking pictures of him shooting at anything and everything then yeah you got a point of him being to "reckless". If he has a bad alcohol problem then that is a legitimate reason for him not to take the boy for a while, but you have to prove it first.

598 days ago


He must be hung like a light switch.

598 days ago


What I find most disturbing is his unusually high belly button.

598 days ago


She's hot!.

598 days ago


I hope he still gets supervised visits....if hes a good dad,this info tells me nothing. So many women i know personally that keep their kids like property,just out of spite. Not always,but it happens.

598 days ago


She didn't know he at all these issues before she opened her legs?

598 days ago


the hot chick??!!!??...hll no...she the tired old queen

598 days ago


PLS correct your story. That is NOT an assault weapon. Assault weapons are fully automatic and have been banned since the '60...'s. AK47 is a semi-automatic. Still lethal in the hands of idiots but it is NOT an assault weapon. Nomenclature is important.

598 days ago


She's grasping at straws:
1. Photos of anyone with an AK-47, as long as it's owned legally, are NO proof whatsoever that someone is unsafe/unstable/etc. He has the right to own then, and as long as he keeps them locked up and away from where the kids can access them, there is no issue there.
2. Did he receive a DUI or ANY type of citation for the accident in question? If not, then she's got NOTHING.

598 days ago


THESE men know nothing about the world, lack any intelligence and think only in a tiny box........
in his mind he's a bad a ss because he has a corny tattoo of a bird on his pelvis and gun in his hand....but is a bad father and a horrible husband! so typical....
but he will be the first one to call other groups of people out on their mishaps.......what a joke!

598 days ago
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