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'Breaking Bad' Star


3/6/2013 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0306_dean-norris_gettyWow ... "Breaking Bad" star Dean Norris REALLY hates Delta ... going off on the airline twice in one week about its god-awful service ... seriously, the rants are super angry.

Norris just tweeted, "Back on sh*t hole Delta 2nd flight 3 days delayed cause missing flight attendant!!!what a horsesh*t company hub system=no choice=f**ked."

You'd think he'd have learned his lesson ... because just two days earlier, Norris tweeted a similar expletive-filled tirade inspired by the airline, writing, "Delta airlines SUCKS. wish I had a more intense word for suck to describe how much they SUCK. Southwest kicks your ass! #delta#f**kdelta."

Delta has since responded to Dean on Twitter with an apology, writing, "I'm terribly sorry for your travel experience. Pls follow and DM your confirmation number. I'd like to make things right."


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599 days ago

paul a.    


Go get em!

599 days ago

Drew Hall    

this guy is a pig! lol, oh and Yikes is back. Wonderful... all is normal in the world again.

599 days ago


maybe he was joking because why would he ride an airplane more than once and just b!tch about it when he could've just took southwest?

599 days ago


Well duh Norris, just fly southwest. Pretty simple, simpleton!

599 days ago


Delta doesn't care. They've got a monopoly on many markets just like some of the other airlines and can treat customers any way they want. One year ago I used FF miles to fly to Europe for 60K miles, first class. Booked a flight to Europe now, 60K miles gets coach, not even Economy Comfort. Yet their mileage purchase form says 60K miles is worth $3800. Needles in sandwiches. Delta was a great airline that has lost it's vision.

599 days ago


This is an industry where deregulation has been a complete disaster. People are forced to sit on runways for hours and no one is accountable. Consumers have NO recourse; we are held hostage just like with cable companies and other "quasi-monopolies". Blame congress for this and blame yourself if you voted for any current member.

599 days ago


He may have been on a round trip ticket which is why he was still flying them, or as he mentioned it was a hub so he may have had no choice. Anyway, flying is so unpleasant these days that I drive whenever possible. Pretty much if I can drive there in a day then I'll do that over buying a ticket.

599 days ago


He is so right....nasty flight attendants, .........i wanted to punch each of them in their ugly faces.......they act like they have the most important job on eath...but they are just servant in the company used to fly Delta for business trips...we now go with a different airlines......too many bitches at delta!

599 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He's right about one thing... SOUTHWEST kicks ass in that department.

599 days ago


Delta does suck...they are right up there with POS Spirit Airlines

599 days ago


I would think a big time actor like him would have his own plane or at least fly private....Oh wait he's a small time bit player on a half-ass cable show that nobody watches.

599 days ago


More people need to bitch about crappy service nationwide. Customer Service is a long lost art. I own a small company and we LIVE ANSWER 99.9% of the time bc I can't stand calling companies and getting 20 prompts to sw someone!!?? Lastly...TMZ...please capitalize GOD if you use it on your website!! : )

599 days ago


None of the big airlines are great at customer service, but have to agree that Delta is at the top of the worst of the worst list.

599 days ago


Southwest does kick ass. And he's right, Delta is the worst.

599 days ago
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