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Transgender MMA Fighter

Wants to Fight Chicks


3/6/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A female transgender MMA fighter who just kicked an opponent's ass in 39 seconds has set her sights on the UFC.

Fallon Fox was born a man.  In 2006, when she was 30, she had gender reassignment surgery.

Fox is now a MMA fighter for the Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA).  Her record is 2 and 0 after destroying Ericka Newsome Saturday night in 39 seconds with a vicious knee to the head.

Fox says she now wants to fight "at the highest level" -- which in the MMA world is only one place -- the UFC.

Fox insists she is a woman in every respect and just happens to fall into the category of postoperative transsexual.  She compares herself to any other category of women, including blacks, lesbians and the disabled.

Fox says she has no advantage over naturally born women.

The owner of CFA, Jorge De La Noval, tells TMZ, "CFA is an organization which does not discriminate against any fighter ... as long as they are professionally licensed."

As for fighting in the UFC, Dana White tells us to fight in the UFC ... Fox would have to get the green light from the state athletic commission.  But he also says Fox hasn't proved herself yet ... the 2 women she's beat have never won a fight. 


ana says, "She's gotta win some real fights to even talk about the UFC."  And Dana warns, "It's not like transgenders who play golf or baseball.  UFC is a contact sport."

So we gotta ask ...

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I collect stupid, ignorant, hateful comments against transwomen. This articles' comments are an embarassment of riches!

604 days ago


So u were born a man...had gender reassignment surgery to be a woman...enter a sport where even real women look muscular like a man :/...and want to be afforded the opportunity to fight women :/ Seriously? Its like a man fighting a woman in the ring. He's/She's obviously gonna have an advantage

604 days ago


Of course HE wants to fight women!

604 days ago


Wondering now if he just had the surgery to get away with fighting women and having the obvious advantage

604 days ago


Only if they have a freak of nature division.

604 days ago


I'm really not sure, for me it depends on whether she has some kind of strength advantage from formally being a man. And I'm no doctor so I don't know the answer to that. I still think she would lose to the current girls anyways regardless tho

604 days ago


You do realize that Mixed Martial Arts is not the same as Tennis, right? What the IOC ruled for transgendered individual in tennis is probably not the same for physical contact sports. Would you mind citing the IOC's rulings for things like Judo, Karate, Wrestling, and Hockey? They do have rulings, right?

604 days ago


I don.tcare if he screamed like a b!tch when they cut his d*ck off he is still a dude. So let him fight men & see how short his MMA career is. You same a$sholes supporting this still talk sh!t about Chris Brown. Smf'kers

604 days ago


I understand all people are entitled to equality but this isn't fair And if you think it is, how would you feel if this fighter were up against your Daughter, sister, mom, niece, aunt, etc. Would u feel its fair? I understand everything this person did and how the person feels but the fact remains you were born male. Men and women's bodies develop differently throughout life. Fairness has to go both ways. It wouldn't be fair to the women in UFC to allow someone who was born and developed as a man to fight against them. I'm all for equal rights but I aalso believe in fairness.

604 days ago


I'm all for transgender rights, but no matter how the person feels mentally, their body is the gender they were born as. If a TG woman who becomes a man wants to fight as a man that is fine because there is no advantage (more like a disadvantage), but a man that became a woman is still a man physically.

604 days ago


For all those claiming that trans-women have a male advantage over natural-born women, please post a link to a scientific do***ent that supports your assertion.

The International Olympic Committee has adopted the position that scientific testing will be used to determine if there is truly an unfair advantage. If testing concludes that a transwoman has lost all natural male advantage, she can compete as a woman:

"In June 2012, in advance of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the IOC released IOC Regulations on Female Hyperandrogenism, which addressed cases of female hyperandrogenism. The regulation includes the statement, "Nothing in these Regulations is intended to make any determination of sex. Instead, these Regulations are designed to identify cir***stances in which a particular athlete will not be eligible (by reason of hormonal characteristics) to participate in 2012 OG Competitions in the female category. In the event that the athlete has been declared ineligible to compete in the female category, the athlete may be eligible to compete as a male athlete, if the athlete qualifies for the male event of the sport."[12] This policy has been criticized on the grounds that testosterone level is not predictor of athleticism and that the policy does not protect individuals' right to gender self-identification.[13]"

604 days ago


I'm gay but this is ridiculous. She DOES have an advantage because she was born with testosterone. She should not be allowed to completely annihilate a woman, who is clearly no match for her. I say make her fight the men or show her the door, its simply not fair.

604 days ago


We had an article in our local paper (San Francisco) the other day about a transgender who plays college basketball with girls now. They showed a photo, this person is 6'6". I'm sorry, but I think it is ridiculous, just like this story.

604 days ago

total scrotal implosion    

Nope put It in the ring with real men and let It get its ass whooped

604 days ago


Knock outs in Women's MMA are pretty rare. I've been a fan of Women's MMA for years, and I can't recall ever seeing a knock out in Women's MMA. So the fact that this transgender women knocked out her opponent so quickly tells me that she doesn't have the normal striking power of a MMA woman. Even Chris "Cyborg" Santos, who uses performance enhancing drugs and is considered the most powerful woman fighter ever, hasn't knocked out a woman like that.
Maybe there needs to be a transgender league.

604 days ago
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