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Valerie Harper

I Have 3 Months

To Live

3/6/2013 5:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Valerie Harper
has terminal brain cancer and doctors are giving her around 3 months to live.

Harper, who famously played the character Rhoda on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and the spin-off, "Rhoda," was diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare form of cancer in which cancer cells spread into the membrane surrounding the brain. 

Harper, 73, told People, "I don't think of dying.  I think of being here now."



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I'm praying for her.I got to meet her 2 times & she was a nice lady

603 days ago


One day at a time. Ms. Harper I so enjoyed your shows for many years. Your are in my prayers.

603 days ago


It may be less than 3 months. She was given the diagnosis in January & at that time told she had 3 months. It's March & that would be she has weeks left. Hope I heard wrong.

603 days ago


We grew up watching you on Mary Tyler Moore's show, and Rhoda; so hard to see someone you love suffer.
May God give you all the strength you need, and give us a miracle, to save you. Love you so much.

603 days ago

Babu G. Ranganathan    

CHEMOTHERAPY SUCCESS WITH ALOE VERA! This is a must read Internet article for all those diagnosed with cancer or who have a loved one who is. Just google the title to access the article.

Babu G. Ranganathan

(B.A. Bible/Biology)

602 days ago

jo ellen jones    

Just started watching Roada and loving that show I well sad that she will be leaving us.a fan Jo Ellen

602 days ago

robert j.sully    


602 days ago

robert j.sully    

Valerie harper should not give up. Don't let them how long you have to live. Your brain is the most powerful drug there is! Consentate and very very focused you can beat this! Also read on about enzeymes and about how some people have beat cancer! You can beat this visualize and focus. May god send you his healing power! I hope you read this

602 days ago


Someone please tell Valerie Harper about Dr. Burzynski
in Texas immediately and see his do***entary film (Burzynski
streaming on NetFlix). I have nothing to gain,but to see her live.

601 days ago


There is more hope for turnaround in advanced cancers through the use of Essaic and LDN therapy than will ever be present in any amount of
chemotherapy. Ms. Harper needs to get smart,
go home, turn the computer on, buy the Essaic,
connect with an LDN provider, and get both started ASAP. Neither has any negative effect on chemotherapy if she wants to hedge her bets by
doing both. The one certain thing is that chemo
will diminish her remaining quality of life which not
meaningfully extending it. Is it better to waste your
last months of life doing talk shows to 'educate'
when the return of your health and how it occurred
would teach a far more valuable lesson?

601 days ago


Ms. Harper would be far better off not wasting precious energy doing talk shows, but getting
on the computer, buying Essaic and finding a
provider for LDN therapy. Neither has any
negative effect on chemotherapy if she still
wishes to poison herself. But the Essaic and
the LDN therapy actually work. So if the
goal is admiration for your courage doing
talk shows til you die, fine, but it seems it
would be a better 'teaching' endeavor to
get better and then use your fame to
engage the medical profession in
opening its corporate mind to alternative
remedies which actually work for advanced
and intractable cancer which no traditional
remedy has bee able to touch.

601 days ago

Tina Dunn    

Mrs.Harper.....I have luved u so much......God Bless u and Family..... Thoughts and Prayers.... Love ur fan Tina Marie.....

599 days ago

Kim Hamilton(Kimmy-ko)    

I cannot believe Valrie being raised Catholic and NOW she doesn't believe in GOD OR OUR LORD JESUS! Where do you think you are going next? You better get that straigten out Valrie before it's too late! No matter what we do Jesus died so we could live forever!! I am praying for you to find OUR LORD again! Valerie as long as we have life we have hope!! There is only one that will reincarnate and the evil one will use the antichrist body! So please dear lady go back to your Catholic roots!! If you want to see your Mother again!! Our Lord Jesus wants all of us to come home! It's not too late!! Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead so that we can live forever! Tell your husband and your daughter about Jesus and they will also be with you!! I know about cancer I lost my 61year old Dad to non-hodgkins lymphoma(cancer of the lympnods(spelling may not be exact) he had it so bad in 1985 but God gave us a miracle and we got to keep him for 10 more years! Believe me -My Dad is in heaven today!! Please go back to your Christian up bringing! God Bless you Valerie!!

595 days ago


Cancer is a horrible disease which can come from many things such as the environment, skin care products which if not natural or organic can come with many chemicals and other things we might not be aware of. I am glad that you beat lung Cancer and you can beat this as well. I would recommend you go to Oral Robert and get a prayer cloth that says Cancer and Incurable Diseases, God told Richard Roberts last year to make these prayer clothes because he knew Cancer would be growing rapidly in the world and many people have called with their testimonies of being healed, their is no power in the cloth itself except you must belief by faith you are healed through Jesus Name, you already know God is a healer so, please do this by faith, may God continue to bless you, your husband and your family. Love Angela." PLEASE MAKE SURE VALERIE HARPER READS THIS"!!! THANK YOU!!!

590 days ago
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