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Miley Cyrus

NO Engagement Ring

... Trouble in Paradise?

3/7/2013 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0307_miley_cyrus_x17Miley Cyrus made a HUGE statement last night without ever saying a word ... 'cause she went out in public WITHOUT her engagement ring ... in the wake of rumors her fiance cheated on her.

Miley DID have some jewelry on her hand when she went out in L.A. last night ... in fact, she even had a couple of rings on her ring finger ... just NOT the giant rock Liam Hemsworth gave her when he proposed.

The timing is interesting ... 'cause there have been reports that Miley was angry with Liam ... who was recently spotted in the back of a car with actress January Jones.

Just a few hours before she went out in public yesterday, Miley had tweeted that she had NOT called the wedding off.

Then again ... 'lotta stuff can happen in just a few hours.



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I dunno, I kind of think Miley **** the bed with that funky hairdo.
There is not ONE THING sexy about it, she looks like a gooney bird.

533 days ago

Barack Osama    

i don't care about the engagement ring, if you check the photo again, it seems like she's hiding some huge penis on the inside.

533 days ago


Her music .....painful. Her"new"hairdo.....big mistake. Another Hollywood marriage bound to fail.....classic.

533 days ago


her body is use already

533 days ago


c'mon she did it on purpose for attention

533 days ago


Maybe she cut her hair to drive him away, because she is actually a lesbian, does not actually want to marry liam, and she new he wouldnt like her new style. i knew something was wrong with her, see how these catty grils end up being lesbians? miley used to be so catty, now we know why she liked to pick on girls.

533 days ago


She's such an a** to even think if they get married that its gonna last. Sweetheart ur 20years old. Live ur life a little. Stop dressing like a punk, it doesn't suit u, it looks forced.

532 days ago


I called this the day they announced their engagement. Best thing for both, she's too young and immature to marry, he's too young and in the limelight to settle down. Name 2 male stars that got married at the beginning of their careers and stayed married. I came up with Hugh Jackman and Hugh Jackman

532 days ago


He's too young and popular to settle down already. Heck, I was only a model at his age and I had way too much attention from the fairer sex to lock into a committed relationship. Boys need to sow their wild oats before they marry or they're nothing but trouble later, especially if they're very handsome, bank on it.

532 days ago


BTW, her hair is AWFUL! I was young once too and made some questionable fashion choices (it was the 80's, we all did), but I didn't go out of my way to make myself look less attractive! She looks like a Bull-Dyke Lesbian. Nothing at all wrong with that IF you're a Bull-Dyke Lesbian, not a Disney pop rock star.

532 days ago

Road Rage    

If I was Liam, I'd be so sick of kissing Miley and it feeling like your're a perv kissing somebody's underage little brother...ew! I'd so puke. When they got together Miley looked like a young lady and most men are superficial, all that "the beauty is inside" BS is pure baloney when it comes to men. They want someone physically attractive for bragging and effing rights. Not sure what prompted Miley to chanhe so much physically, maybe it mase Liam see that ever her "inside" wasn't worth a schtick.

532 days ago
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