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Nick Cannon

Mariah Won't Spank the Kids


3/9/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_cannon_videoNick Cannon plans on instituting a good cop/bad cop parenting strategy with wife Mariah Carey when it comes to his children ... and he sounds downright excited to be doing the dirty work!

Cannon made headlines this week when he told Us Weekly that he has his "belt out already" in preparation for the inevitable "terrible twos" his twins will soon inflict upon him and Mariah. 

Last night in Hollywood, Cannon told our photog he plans on being just as hard on his son as he is daughter (though his daughter will find it hard to date) and says Mariah "doesn't need" to handle the corporal punishment ... because "that's what daddies are for!"

Get ready for some tough love.


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Their kids will write great books about growing up around that relative chaos.

594 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...not in a million years will he raise a belt too his toddlers...and..if he does...dial 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s 2013...lots of info on child rearing if that is ur solution...

594 days ago


Funny how everyone thinks spanking equals disciplined, well-behaved kids.

I'm not against it - I'm against idiot parents. And there's idiot parents in BOTH categories!!

The METHOD of discipline doesn't matter, you idiots. It's WHEN and WHY you discipline them and how you TALK to your kids that keeps them truly in line.

I'm met deadbeat adults who got spanked as kids and I've met deadbeat adults who didn't. I didn't get spanked and I was a good kid and dreamed of going to college and am ambitious and have no record. It's about teaching your kids to want the right things in life. However you correct them doesn't matter if you do it at the right times with the right explanation.

594 days ago


Dont tell to much nick the white is listen

594 days ago


Forbes says Nick Cannon is worth between 34 and 39 million dollars. He makes $70,000 per episode hosting America's Got Talent. He hosts a radio show. He is chairman of TeenNick. He has some other irons in the fire. Mariah is worth about 225 million, and they have a prenup. They seem pretty happy. As he said, when he was sick, Mariah was in the kitchen at night heating up soup for him.

593 days ago

Capo Flynn    

And white people wonder why their kids end up serial killing, animal, prescription pill popping & on Dr. Phil all the damn time. Trailer trash kids in the supermarket & mall talking to their parents ANY type of way they want.

593 days ago


All Mariah lets him spank is his monkey!

593 days ago


2 year kids should never be spank there are other ways to make your kids listen. Why don't he use the belt on Mariah

593 days ago


Odd to plan on "beating" your kids before they've done anything to deserve it. Creepy.

593 days ago


Please take a "mommy and me" class with a trained professional. The tone of your voice, removing the child from the situation, losing a reward that the child chooses, and adhering to a schedule to avoid fatigue and subsequent tantrum are techniques for discipline that are non-physical. Use common-sense planning like avoiding shopping at 4PM when a child will have a meltdown due to fatigue. Parents don't need to hit a crying toddler in a store when you expect too much. Children want to please the parent and will respond to positive reinforcement "thank you for sharing" or "I like how you are coloring while we wait for out food". For every verbal correction, you must give 8 positive statements or you will be tuned out. Because children (and adults) give up when they believe you cannot be pleased. If you have a safety issue, you need to baby proof your house, not yell when a child does not act like an adult. Each day, a child needs exercise - boys especially cannot go without running in a playground. If they are tired out, sleep better and give you time a night, you will be happier, too. What you sacrifice to raise a healthy, happy child who is free from abuse, will be well worth the education. For a list of abuse (pinching a cheek, hitting, etc.) read Broken Toys, Broken Dreams.

593 days ago


taking a belt to two year olds? Big man! Someone from CPS should be visiting those kids and looking for signs of bruising

593 days ago


taking a belt to two year olds? Big man! Someone from CPS should be visiting those kids and looking for signs of bruising

593 days ago


I bet Mariah gives Nick the belt or at the very least paddles him for being a very bad boy. Then Mariah puts on her strap-on dildo and pegs Nick. At least that's the way I see it.

591 days ago

James C. Talbot    

Hey Nick, sorry to see you're a social right winger. What a disappointment. Apparently, you avoided or overcame the possible negative emotional consequences of getting spanked as a child, but that doesn't mean your kids will... and there is no way for you to know.

523 days ago

James C. Talbot    

Sorry to see that Nick is a social right winger. While he may have avoided or overcome the negative emotional consequences of being spanked as a child, it doesn't mean that his kids will... and there is no way to know.

523 days ago
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