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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim K Should Admit ...

Marriage Was a 'Sham'

3/10/2013 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kris Humphries
' relatives have a major bone to pick with Kim Kardashian ... claiming Kim K's 72-day-marriage to the NBA star was nothing but a "sham" and it's about damn time she fess up to it.

Kris' aunt Dedria -- who attended K & K's wedding back in 2011 -- is adamant Kim duped her nephew into tying the knot as a ploy to boost ratings for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," telling The UK Sun, "[The wedding] was a sham."

Not only that, Dedria says Kim needs to own up to her fraud so Kris can get the annulment he desires, explaining, "An annulment says it wasn’t valid in the first place. She should admit that it was a sham at the very least.”

As TMZ previously reported, Kim wants a simple divorce, but Kris is hell-bent on fighting for an annulment ... claiming he was defrauded, which could render any pre-nup illegitimate and free the NBA'er from his confidentiality clause.

That said, Kris' Uncle Mike believes his nephew's legal battle is motivated by revenge, telling the paper, "I believe he wants payback."

A trial is set to begin May 6.

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No Avatar


Damn right it was a SHAM!!! 72 days?? I had can goods in my cabinet longer than their marriage!!

591 days ago


It was fraud. We all know it, no matter what the judge says the pubic has already turned against her and this family. Thank goodness, eventually we will stop hearing about her. Kanye W has ruined his career by being with her, he was already going down hill anyway and this just put the nail in the coffin. I'm over her and Kanye, I used to actually like them but now I see them for who they are: selfish, narcissistic, no talent, egotistical blowhards that need to just disappear. I feel bad for that poor kid that has to grow up knowing their mother is a wh*re and their father is the biggest D-bag ever.

591 days ago


Also didn't she say she knew she shouldn't marry him on her own show but didn't want to disappoint anyone and had felt she let it go too far? Um, any judge watching that can see it was a scam. NO one ends a marriage in 72 days without counseling or trying and it's NOT a scam. I've had eggs last in my refrigerator last longer than this marriage. Scam is exactly what is was and I don't blame Kris for wanting an annulment or revenge. I would probably do the same thing.

591 days ago

Lynn M    

From what I saw on the show, Kim defrauded him, hook, line, and sinker. She sealed my opinion when she refused to let him live with her. He was played from beginning to end.

591 days ago


Yes it was the truth will come out.u dont play with god and marriage I can't wait unil the truth comes to light

591 days ago


If you look at her track record...Damon Williams, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Kris Humphries, and now Kanye.....one of these are not like the others. KH wasn't known, and seemed to be easily manipulated. Give the 3rd guy an annulment, admit you were wrong. You slore.

591 days ago


Kim must have something big to hide if she's fighting his annulment request this hard. He's not even asking for money or property. Why fight this hard unless she has some secrets at stake...

591 days ago


Well aunty, if Kim admits that's its a fraud, she has to give up millions dollars of gifts back, $3 mil ring back to Kris hump, pre-nups will be voided that means 1/2 her fortune goes to Kris, plus confidentially exposed....come on this bitch is as biz as you can get u think she game for that???!!! She rather die or hv illegitimate baby afterall Kanye is just another tool to get her fashion credibility so she stays relevant and sells millions thru her Sears clothing line!

591 days ago


Kris on the other hand, just wanted his $3 mil back, and to damage her reputation purely vindictive

591 days ago


If she admits it, there won't be any reality shows and bye bye to Ryan Seacrest!

591 days ago


Boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

591 days ago


Their entire lives are shams!

591 days ago


I hope everything comes out in open court. Kim is so disgusting. I can't stand looking at images of that pig. It literally makes me want to vomit.

591 days ago


Kris Humphries is a sham! He was a nobody before and is going to be a NOBODY after!

591 days ago


I hope he gets what he wants. It's appalling how far this chick will go not to let go of the all mightly dollar. Call it what it is a Sham ffs you're about ready to drop go have your baby and be done. Like done like I don't want to see your face on tv again. Anyone wanting to pay these people for baby pictures save your money. I can go to the zoo.

591 days ago
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