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Nine Inch Nails Drummer

'Call Me Maybe' Mash-Up

Is an INSULT to Our Music

3/10/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna is seriously pissed off over a new mash-up taking the Internet by storm (which mixes NIN's "Head Like a Hole" with "Call Me Maybe") ... because he thinks it's a total piece of crap.

The mash-up, "Call Me a Hole", went viral this week -- blending Carly Rae Jepsen's 2012 pop hit with the 1990 tune. It's been listened to more than one million times already and was hailed by the L.A. Times as "genius."

But not everyone is a fan. Chris -- who played with the band from 1989 to 1997 -- tells TMZ ...  "Honestly I find the whole thing silly and partly offensive ... I find it kind of insulting."

He explains, "It has trivialized something we've done. I am proud of what we've done and to take art -- just to be a joke -- I don't have any respect for it."

Chris makes it clear though ... he's not trashing Carly Rae or her music -- it was a third party who created the combo -- but believes the sound created by NIN shouldn't be messed with.

He adds, "In 48 hours no one will even know it existed."


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Dude, you gotta lighten up. I know cuz I'm a lawyer!

563 days ago


If anyone should be upset it should be Carly Rae being Associated with a Nobody Band.

563 days ago


Reading this, I thought this would completely suck, but after listening...not bad, not bad at all.

563 days ago

BB in CA    

Don't be messin' with our ROCK music! You got your pop - don't be mixing it with rock - especially NIN.

563 days ago


Word! But what does Trent have to say about this

563 days ago

Jay W.     

Somethings you can't control...

563 days ago


the la times calls it genius...hence why music is so **** these can record themselves taking a diariah **** and there would be those who say it sounds amazing and said person would get a record nor a fan of NIN or jepsen.jepsen is your typical hollywood **** wad who will not play the boys scouts concert just because they do not allow the unnatural and not normal gays into the scouts.and NIN isnt like some lyrical genius group either.

563 days ago

Blue Lake    

Sour grapes. Let's see, she scored with one hit that everybody knows, while no one knows this drummer from a brick and can't hum even one NIN song.

563 days ago


just listened to it and yeah it's crap. but it does give me an even better sense of the great voice he has.

563 days ago

BB not bb    

These two songs have nothing in ommon. I haven't heard the video though. It sounds like maybe there is sampling like in rap music. I don't know if it cheapens the NIN sound though. I guess it depends on how it was put together.

563 days ago


Ha, so I'm guessing he probably wouldn't like the reverse mashup either:

563 days ago

BB not bb

If this is what they are talking about, it is pretty bad. I won't even bother to listen to the whole thing. I think some people just don't understand sincere emotions. They make fun of everything that isn't standard go along to get along sheeple hypnosis. It is like the novel 1984 and they are all on their Soma, and God forbid that you didn't take yours.

I am going to guess that some ignorant kid made this, or someone who wants kids to be ignorant.

"Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve . . ."

563 days ago

BB not bb    

In a way, it is a compliment when someone takes a really great song, back from years ago, and tries to mock it or rework it. It shows that it was a significant piece of music. Maybe they can't stand the message.

There are a lot of black souls these days . . .

563 days ago

Mary P    

I don't think it's all that genius. It still sounds like two separate tracks. A genius mashup is Bring My Bell (System of a Down's BYOB and Anita Ward's Ring my Bell). The songs were woven into each other with the guitar replacing the disco tempo. This is just someone who lowered the vocal on Carly's song and lowered the music on NIN's song. If some effort went into it, it might be passable, but alas - no.

If you want to know why all these songs are so easy to mash, watch Pachelbel's Rant on YouTube. It's hilarious and half the songs you know now, you'll end up singing other lyrics. By a comic named Rob... Paravonan (sp?). There's only so many chords that go together.

563 days ago

BB not bb

Head Like a Hole is one of the heaviest rock songs ever. This Carly Rae mash up is like the millenium rebelling against the nineties, like the sixties rebelled against the fifties. The hippies were about overthrowing the establishment, now look what we have with Obama. The millenialists are about mocking people who can see the hypocrasy, that is like the final nail in the coffin of society ever hoping to escape.

Head Like a Hole used to be considered good club music and I guess maybe dance music. Now they play Carly Rae and Chris Brown. People are weird any more. I think these millenialists, generation Y, are the most self centered bunch yet. They really think they have the final word on everything.

They question nothing and mock anyone who does.

563 days ago
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