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Deion Sanders

Wins Child Custody

War with Pilar

3/12/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0312_pillar_deion_sanders_getty_vh1_2It ain't the Super Bowl ... but it's pretty damn close -- Deion Sanders was just awarded primary custody of his three kids with his estranged wife.

We're told 11 of 12 jurors ruled in the NFL Hall of Famer's favor ... giving him full physical and legal custody of his 13 and 11-year-old sons with Pilar Sanders.

However, the Collins Co., TX jury gave the ex-couple shared physical and legal custody of their 9-year-old daughter.

Both sides were arguing for sole custody of all 3 children.

This settles the custody issues, but Deion and Pilar are still battling over finances in their divorce.

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I think two things were going on here.. Obviously, money does talk nowadays, and also, the kids had a say so with whom they wanted to live with. Trust me, if she was a bad mom, they wouldn't give her the daughter. I think the truth will come out in a few months, outside of what the media says. no court in their right mind would be like " oh your unstable for your sons but not your daughter." See?

528 days ago


Obviously time changes people, we evolve and learn how to be better people, parents, spouses, etc.. I worked directly with him / for the managment company in 94 when he released his album, and he was a major ASS!! Good for him changing, being a good father, and the jury seeing the truth. Not for him or her, but for the children.

528 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Wow, is this a matter of money talking or is Pilar really that cray?!
I remember these two all over JesusTV talking about their "Godly marriage".
Deion's huge ego would make him impossible to be married to, and I'm sure Pilar is no prize in her own way, too.

528 days ago


Everyone's entitled to their own opinion

528 days ago


When will these women learn u should always have something going on for yourself to make your own money it takes money to make money and they have it but waste any talents they have.beware judges are giving dads custody now so all that I will divorce u and live a good life may be over now

528 days ago


When you copy your junk from other "news" sources make sure at least one of you has the facts....

There is no Collins Co. Texas

It is Collin County, Texas

Don't be so lazy get the under educated old lady from Kentucky to look it up on the internet.

528 days ago


The man is being an azz and it will come back to haunt him! Lady take your settlement and get a real career..... In 2 years he will be certifiable.. nut job! They will hate him!

528 days ago


Expect all the unattractive back biting rodsucking hoes to dog the lady. Dude is a ass hat!

528 days ago


I don't know why people always think the mother is the better most fit parent & the father usually gets screwed. Pilar from what I understand she has admitted to cheating as well as falsifying terrible things about Deion that the judge though out. Kind of like Adrieene Maloof did to her ex-husband Paul. The latest was the steroids she said that were in the closet that the kids had access to on top shelf. The day Deion walked out of court. Pilar has also physically attacked him on several occasions & has a temper from hell. Very sad for the children, especially if she acted in front of them. She's also upset because no having custody means no monthly check & she's not happy with her prenup which is ironclad! She's pissed! Team Deion!

528 days ago


Thank god. B¡tch be crazy. The courts give children the choice of ehich parent they'd prefer when age 11+. I am guessing they're testimony and choice worked to his benefit. The 9last year old had no say, hence the shared custody deal. The older kids are smart enough to see how self centered and unstable she is. I hope this arrangement works out for the kids , but something tells me Pilar won't go quietly.

528 days ago


This is a rarity.

528 days ago


Pilar has only "HERSELF" TO BLAME!!! She was entirely "TOO OBSESSED" with trying to take Deion Sanders to the "CLEANERS" despite the fact she signed an "IRON-CLAD" PRENUP which limited what she would receive in the event of a divorce. She obviously convinced the jury the welfare of her children wasn't her "MAIN PRIORITY"!!! Fighting over property in which you're not legally entitled to have is just downright "DELUSIONAL"!!! Her attorney is going to make out like a "BANDIT" while she's left picking up the pieces of her "WOEFULLY TATTERED REPUTATION"!!! When Deion was ready to "MOVE ON" her "GREEDY AZZ" should have "MOVED OUT"!!!

528 days ago


That seems like such a strange judgment...

528 days ago


Gold digger equal loss.

528 days ago


How can you take two kids and let her keep one. Texas jury is not fair.Seems personal -dude cheated on her and she loses. Texas jury should not determine **** this is very strange.

528 days ago
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